Information Q&A

Information Q&A Learning Support Details

Information Q&A for the Fall semester 2021 will be available through the application form.
  • Building a practical environment for information-related courses does not work.
  • I cannot understand the content of the class.
  • I don’t understand the assignment given.
Our specialized teachers will answer questions about computer and programming, etc.

How to apply

Application Period Fall semester 2021
How to apply Please apply using the application form.
Application Form
  1. Please submit your question using the application form below. (MyWaseda login is required.)
  2. Environment building related videos are available. If your question is related to environment building, please refer to it.
  3. We will reply to you by e-mail.
    ※It may take a few days for a reply. Please note that we are basically unable to respond, especially on weekends.
    Applications for the fall semester 2021 are under preparation.

About the development environment used in the lecture

Teachers may recommend using a particular environment, so please wait for your teacher’s instructions as to what environment to prepare for when taking a class.

Reference: Documents about the development environment used in the lecture

Environment building related videos

The following is a list of videos related to environment building.
※Please view with a PC browser.

Notes on consultation

  • The [answers] to the assignments given in the class will not be taught (Only hints will be given).
  • Be sure to make an effort to solve the problem on your own before consulting with us.
  • If you are inquiring about exercises, be sure to prepare your own answers.
  • Identify any specific unclear points. (Attach a screenshot, etc.)
  • If you wish to discuss matters related to the policy of the teacher in charge (e.g., how to submit assignments, grades, etc.), please contact the teacher directly.
  • The teacher in charge is not checking this email. Please attach a screenshot or other document that shows the problem you are having and what you want to ask about.