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Public Wireless LAN Wi2 300

Public Wireless LAN Service Wi2 300 12 months free prepaid code

  • A prepaid code will be issued for 12 months of free Wi2 300 public wifi service.
    (Application for Wi2 300 is also required)
  • Prepaid codes are available to students, faculty and staff of the three Faculties and three Graduate Schools of Science and Engineering.
  • The rights and obligations related to the prepaid code are not transferable to third parties.
  • One prepaid code for each person each year.
    (Within the same year, the same code will be issued no matter how many times you apply. Once you have used the code to apply for Wi2 300, it cannot be used again.)
  • For more information on Wi2 300, please visit
  • Available Locations
    • Bldg. 51, 2nd floor, Student Lounge
    • Bldg. 55N, 1st floor, Conference Room 1, Main Conference Room
    • Bldg. 55S, 2nd Floor, 3rd Conference Room, 4th Conference Room
    • Bldg. 63, 1st to 3rd floor
    • Other Wi2 300 access points

Public Wireless LAN Service Wi2 300 Sign up for a free prepaid code for 12 months

  • The use of Wi2 300 is a contract between the user and Wire and Wireless Co.,Ltd. The university will not be involved in any way.
  • The Wi2 300 is supported by Wire and Wireless Co.,Ltd. The University will not provide any support.

Notes on personal information

Although your application for a prepaid code will not result in any personal information being disclosed by the University to Wire and Wireless Co.,Ltd., use of Wi2 300 will require a contract between you and Wire and Wireless Co.,Ltd., Inc. so please refer to Wire and Wireless Co.,Ltd.’s privacy policy for information about the handling of personal information obtained when you apply for Wi2 300.

How to use

  1. Once you apply, you will be issued a prepaid code immediately.
  2. Send an empty email to
    • Leave both the title and text blank.
    • Please do not write anything in the email. We are unable to accept or respond to any inquiries written here.
    • If you have email restrictions, please set up so that you can receive mail from “”and “”.
  3. Follow the email you receive in reply and sign up for Wi2 300 using the prepaid code.


  • After signing up for Wi2 300, you will receive an email informing you of your contract. Please save it for future reference.
  • The expiration date is 12 months after the “date of contract” in the email.
  • There is no way to extend the term of the contract.
    ⇒ After your contract ends, you will need to reapply for a new one with a new prepaid code.
  • You can not specify the same “Login ID” as before when you apply for a new one.
  • The Wi2 300 prepaid rate plan does not provide a method that allows you to skip entering your login ID and password through “MAC Address Registration” that is offered outside of the Wi2 300 prepaid rate plan.
    ⇒ Use a manual connection via web authentication or the free easy access tool “Wi2 Connect”.
  • Available SSIDs are: Wi2, Wi2_club, Wi2_free, wifi_square, Wi2premium, and Wi2premium_club.
  • You cannot use mobilepoint, mobilepoint2, or UQ_Wi-Fi with SSIDs.

If you confirm and agree to the above, please login to MyWaseda and apply.

  • Faculty: Global menu “Reaserch” -> Left side menu “Science and Engineering Faculty and Staff” – “Science and Engineering Faculty and Staff Page”
  • Staff: Global menu “Tasks” -> Right side menu “Science and Engineering Faculty and Staff” – “Science and Engineering Faculty and Staff Page”
  • Student: Global menu “授業” -> Left side menu “Science and Engineering Student Menu” – “Science and Engineering Student Page”

Please use the application form in the “Public Wireless LAN Wi2 300 Free Prepaid Code for 12 months” page to apply.