Riko Unix Manual

About Home Directory

A directory is provided for each user to write freely. This directory is called the home directory. The home directory will automatically become available when you log in to the UNIX environment. If you want to check your home directory, you can log in and run the pwd command to see it.
/home01/user name
/home02/user name
/home03/user name
/homea/user name
/homeb/user name
/homec/user name

Disk capacity for home directory

There is a limit to the amount of disk space available for each home directory. This restriction is called a quota.
Students can use up to 1000M bytes (quota value) per home directory. Please note that if the quota value is exceeded, the user will not be able to log in.

Japanese input environment

KANA-KANJI Conversion
ibus-Anthy is used, as is the case with Emacs and XEmacs.
Key Bind
Emacs,XEmacs Others
KANA-KANJI input start Control + \ Control + [Space]
KANA-KANJI input finish Control + \ Control + [Space]
Conversion Space Key Space Key
Fix Enter Key Enter Key

Remote Connection

This system is not designed with the resources (CPU/memory) to be used for online lectures in the spring semester 2020. Therefore, if there are teachers who are planning to use this system as a main axis for your lectures, please consider a different method.
Remote connection is restricted.
On-campus Connection (○: Connectable, ×: Not connectable)
Host Name muse01.mse.waseda.ac.jp
telnet ×
ftp ×
r type command ×
*1 To use X, log in with ssh and then connect with Xnest.
Off-campus Connection
There is no host that can be connected directly from the off-campus network. When using a remote connection from an off-campus network, please use the “Off-Campus Access Using VPN” to connect to the on-campus network, and then connect to the Science and Engineering UNIX host that can be connected from on-campus.
If you have an any questions, please contact the helpdesk.