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Riko Unix Manual

About Home Directory

Directory to be written freely by each user is prepared. This directory is called “Home Directory”. Home Directory is automatically available when you login UNIX environment. To confirm your Home directory, login and execute pwd command, then displayed.
/home01/user name
/home02/user name
/home03/user name
/homea/user name
/homeb/user name
/homec/user name

Disk capacity for home directory

Disk capacity is restrictid by each home directory. This restriction is called quota.
Students can use each home directory up to 1000M byte (quota value). When over quota value, users cannot login. Please be careful about it.

Japanese input environment

KANA-KANJI Converdion
ibus-Anthy is adopted. This is same ad Emacs and XEmacs.
Key Bind
Emacs,XEmacs Others
KANA-KANJI exchange start Control + \ Control + [Space]
KANA-KANJI exchange finish Control + \ Control + [Space]
Conversion Space Key Space Key
Fix Enter Key Enter Key

Remote Connect

Remote connection is restricted.
Connection from Waseda-net(○:Connection OK、×:Connection NG)
Host Name
telnet ×
ftp ×
r type command ×
*1 To use X, login by ssh, then connect by Xnest.
Connect from out of Waseda
There is no host to be connected directry from off-campus network. To use remote connection from off-campus network, please make a connection by using “Off-Campus Access Using VPN”. After that, make a connection to RIKO UNIX Host.
If you have an any question, please ask to helpdesk

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