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Application to use Riko Unix System

Purpose of Riko UNIX System

  • Education, practice and research using Linux
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Any other cases which is approved by Administrative Office of Information and Multimedia Technology
To use Riko UNIX system, please follow the Riko UNIX system use rules. (Browseable under waseda-net)

Procedure of application

Applicant Application Process
Faculty and Staff 【Apply from Application Form】
  1. Normal use
  2. Class use
    ※Your personal login ID for Riko UNIX System will be shown on the computer screen.
    If you wish to have another ID for class, please select “Class use” from above.
Student of Sci. and Eng. 【Apply from “For Science and Enginnering Students” 】
  1. Login to MyWaseda
  2. MyWaseda Classes Menu[For Science and Enginnering Students]
    -Access to[Students page]
  3. For Science and Enginnering Students Menu[Systems]
    -From [RIKO UNIX System] Click [Use setting(*Japanese Only)].
  4. Click “Application for Use of Linux”.
  5. After you agree to “Terms of Use”, you will get your UNIX ID account with following procedures indecated.
Others (Student other than Sci. and Eng.) 【Apply at MSE Admin Office】

Expiry Date

【Faculty and Staff】

Available during staff tenure.


Available during student tenure.
However, when going on to the next stage of education, you need to get your user ID again.
such as:
School-> Graduate School Master Program
Graduate School Master Program-> Doctor Program

【Others(Student except Sci. and Eng. etc.)】

Available within the period applied.
However, the period could be extended by application.

Attentions to use

  • If an act which Administrataive Office of Information and Multimedia Technology Management Committee judged undesirable has been done, User ID would be stopped or stripped.
  • RIKO Media Support Section will not backup files that Users created. Please create backup of important files on your own.

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