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Attention to use PC Rooms

Open Use

The PC Room is open to the public except for classes, etc. Please check the PC Room availability on the Information Panel and the “PC Room Schedule”. Please be aware of the following points when using the PC room open to the public.
  • You will be asked to leave the room during exclusive use hours.
  • Opening days and times are subject to change depending on the summer, winter, and spring school periods. Please check the usage schedule of each terminal room on the Information Monitor or on the MSE website.

Exclusive Use for Classes(Only for Faculty and Staff)

If you wish to use the PC room exclusively for classes or seminars, you will need to apply for it. Please make an application to the following office.
PC Room Admin Office How to apply
63 Bldg Room A – G RIKO Media Center Helpdesk(03-12 Room 3rd floor 63 Bldg) Please apply using the application form on the “Forms and Applications” page.
Drafting/CAD Room 57bldg Preparing Room for Drafting/CAD (1st floor 57bldg) Please contact the application office.


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