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GroupWork Space

GroupWork Space is a space where you can work collaboratively on projects or assignments in a small group.
Any students or faculty staffs of Waseda University can use the room.

Opening hours/Usage time

Opening hours

Weekdays(1st~4th period) Closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays

Usage Time

Bookings are available for class periods including the lunch time to a maximum of 2 period per day.

1st period 9:00~10:30
2nd period 10:40~12:10
Lunch time 12:10~13:00
3rd period 13:00~14:30
4th period 14:45~16:15

※Please return the room to its original condition after use. Allow time for setup and cleanup within the reservation period.

※We do not allow reservations on a regular (e.g. weekly) basis.

How to use the GroupWork Space

Any students or faculty staffs of Waseda University can use the room.

Book a GroupWork Space

GroupWork Space can be booked up to 1 week in advance.(e.g. If you wish to use the space on Wednesday, booking will be available from 9:00 of previous Wednesday.)
Please fill in the reservation form at the helpdesk and show your student or faculty staff ID card.

Use a GroupWork Space

  1. Please show your student or faculty staff ID card at 3rd floor, 63bldg helpdesk before use.
  2. Put the “Reserved” door tag on the door during the reservation period.
  3. Return the room to its original condition. Be sure to return the “Reserved” door tag to the helpdesk. Please allow time for setup and cleanup within the reservation period.

Cancel a GroupWork Space

  1. If you wish to cancel your booking, please contact the helpdesk before the reservation time. If you can not come to the helpdesk, please call TEL:03-5286-2963.
  2. If you do not claim the room within 30 minutes of a scheduled reservation start time, the room will automatically be open for others.

Vision Exchange

For use with the Vision Exchange platform, Vision Exchange App allows users to mirror their desktop images, control Vision Exchange from their device, and download snapshots to their device.
Learn more about Vision Exchange [in Japanese]【PDF】


  • Drinking and eating is not allowed. Exception: We allow drinks if it is in a spill-proof container.
  • Please take all your belongings when you leave the GroupWork Space.
  • GroupWork Space is for group study, not for individual use. However, if there is specific reason for individual use please contact the helpdesk staff.
  • Playing games/dancing, club activities, religious activity, sales are not allowed.
  • We may prohibit the use of the GroupWork Space if you do not follow the regulations.
  • Report any damage to helpdesk staff immediately.
  • Please note that we shall not be responsible for any loss and troubles in the GroupWork Space.