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Wi2 300 Wi-Fi Service[in Japanese]

Faculty, Staff and Students of Science and Engineering can use Wi2 300 Wi-Fi Service free of charge.

Hosting Service for Sci. and Eng.[in Japanese]

Admin Office of Info. and Multimedia Tech Sci. and Eng. provide “Network Serever Hosting Service” for laboratories and others to support their operation and maintenance of server system.
Lavoratories can build their own mail system, web system and DNS, by using this virtual hosting server service.

Login to Hosting Service[in Japanese]

Please login to Hosting Service from here.

WebMail Service (for Hosting Service) login[in Japanese]

Please login to WebMail Service from here.

Network Use Guide/IT Service Navi

To use the network at Waseda University, please refer to “Network Use Guide” of IT Service Navi

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