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Multimedia Studio/Recording Booth

The Multimedia Studio has excellent sound insulation and is equipped with full-fledged filming equipment. It is suitable for on-demand class recording, audio recording, acoustic measurement, and acoustic experiments.
The Recording Booth has a simple soundproofing capability and is equipped with a laptop for on-demand class production. You can record on-demand classes, dubbing and narration by yourself. (Additional equipment is required for voice recording.)

Multimedia Studio/Recording Booth Information

【Multimedia Studio】
Location B1 floor of building No.N, 55bldg
Opening Hours 9:00 ~ 22:00
(Support for On-demand lesson recording 10:00 ~ 18:00)
※Closed on Sun.&Holidays.
【Recording Booth】
Location 3rd floor, 61bldg, Room354 (Media Design Laboratory)
Opening Hours 9:00 ~ 17:00
(Support for On-demand lesson recording 9:00 ~ 17:00)
※Closed on Sun.&Holidays.

※ Studio and booth are not available on university administration break period and examination period.

※ We accept the use of Multimedia Studio on Sundays and Holidays for research use (available for a charge) . You need to reserve in advance and have your reservation number ready.

※ Please allow time to prepare and clean up within the time.

Usage Fee (On-campus viewing only)

Please check 「Price List」 for Multimedia Studio usage fee (for research use).

※ There is no fee for the use of the Multimedia Studio for digital atelier class and assignment.

※ Recording Booth is available free of charge for research use.

※ You cannot use the studio and booth for the Non-digital atelier class assignment , club activities, and personal use.

How to apply for Multimedia Studio/Recording Booth

(1)Check availability
 To check availability, please go to 「Studio・Recording Booth Reservation System」 and select 「Multimedia Studio」or「Recording Booth」 from the left side navigation menu.

 To apply, please fill in 「Multimedia Studio/Recording Booth Application Form」.(Please log in to MyWaseda.)

(3)Confirm application
 Media Design Laboratory will confirm your application details and contact you.

Notes on using Multimedia Studio/Recording Booth

  • Reservation changes and cancellation must be completed by 16pm of the day before the reservation date. Please note that we might not be able to meet your request due to availability or studio staff schedule.
  • You need to lend / return the key at the front gate of the Nishi-Waseda Campus when using the studio. (For class and research use)
  • Please clean up the room and return the equipment to its original position after use.
  • You could be charged if the facilities and equipment are damaged.
  • Smoking, drinking or eating is not permitted in the studio and recording booth.
  • Any act imposing trouble on the others and anything which is contrary to public order or morality is prohibited.
  • We may prohibit the use of the equipment if you do not follow the regulations.