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Information Q&A (Spring semester 2020)

Information Q&A Learning Support Details

Information Q&A for the Spring 2020 semester will be conducted through the application form.
  • Building a practical environment for information-related courses does not work.
  • I cannot understand the content of the class.
  • I don’t understand the assignment given.
Our specialized teachers will answer questions about computer and programming, etc.

About the development environment used in the lecture

Teachers may recommend using a particular environment, so please wait for your teacher’s instructions as to what environment to prepare for when taking a class.
<Reference: Documents about the development environment used in the lecture>

Notes on consultation

  • When building the environment, be sure to refer to the FAQ page before asking questions.
  • The [answers] to the assignments given in the class will not be taught (Only hints will be given).
  • Be sure to make an effort to solve the problem on your own before consulting with us.
  • If you are inquiring about exercises, be sure to prepare your own answers.
  • Identify any specific unclear points. (Attach a screenshot, etc.)
  • If you wish to discuss matters related to the policy of the teacher in charge (e.g., how to submit assignments, grades, etc.), please contact the teacher directly.
  • The teacher in charge is not checking this email. Please attach a screenshot or other document that shows the problem you are having and what you want to ask about.