【2019 Autumn semester】Notification of Information Q&A Learning Support

2019 Autumn semester Information Q&A Learning Support will start on Thursday, 10/10.
We will help the students who have problems with information system.
If you don’t understand classes or have difficulty with exercises, please be free to come to Information Q&A.
Venue Computer room “A”, 3F 63Bldg in Nishi-Waseda campus
Schedule Every Friday during term 16:30-19:30 (Admission 19:00)
*Please confirm detailed date here.
  • C Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Fortran Programming
  • Any question regarding information system
How to attend Please come directly to the venue. We will provide consultation on a first-come, first-served basis.
Web http://www.waseda.jp/mse/web/en/infoqa/