Research at MNC

Study meetings

MNC provides conference rooms and other facilities to support and promote research projects carried out by a group of researchers on themes related to computers that meet the objectives stated in the rules of MNC.
Research projects must be represented by full-time faculty members of the University. The period for research is generally one year from April till March of the following year, but it can be extended to two years or longer. It is required to submit a research report at the end of each year.
Applications for setting up research projects are filed as needed and authorized based on discussions by the MNC Administration Committee.

Joint research

MNC accepts researchers, research funds and facilities from outside to undertake research on common themes in information science in collaboration with researchers of outside organizations.

MNC Communications (Bulletin)

MNC Communications is published mainly on the World Wide Web to help make full use of a wide range of information and communication technologies, such as computers, networks, databases and multimedia, for promoting and supporting education and research in various fields.


Open Symposium of Waseda University:
∼ Toward a World of Co-creation of “Knowledge” in the Asian Pacific Rim ∼(Bulletin)
The proceedings of the symposium held on December 20, 2003, are published in our bulletin.