Guidance on the MNC Facilities

MNC Computer Rooms Access Map


Operation hours of the "MNC office" and "MNC Computer Rooms":

  • The MNC office is the contact point for users.
  • MNC has "Computer Study Rooms" in Buildings 7, 9 and 22, and "Computer Rooms" in Buildings 14 and 24. Computer Rooms are open for free use when they are not used for classes.
  • Room "A" on the fifth floor of Building 24 are open to be used as "common study room." This room are available for study projects that need to be carried out in groups.

Operation hours of the "IT consulting offices for students":

The "IT consulting offices for students" provide consulting services on IT, mainly on how to use computers on the campus. We are looking forward to your visits.

Multimedia classrooms on the 6th floor of Building 14:

Multimedia classrooms are composed of three practice rooms, three seminar rooms and a room for preparing teaching materials.