Education Programs at MNC

Education Programs at MNC

Guidance on the special course (seminar) for the certificate of IT skills for the fall of 2005:

MNC will offer a special certificate course in the fall of 2005 to promote and spread the certificate system for practical skills. The certificate system for practical skills is useful for correctly matching the "choice of students (abilities of students)" to the "choice of companies (abilities needed by companies)" when students search for employment.

Seminar on computer security:

A seminar for those who are engaged in the management of websites that include self-administered domains, held with the aim of preventing unauthorized use of networks, based on the "Waseda University Information Security Policy."

On-demand seminar on the WWW (for seminar classes and student circles):

A seminar for users of WWW servers, provided with the aim of assisting publication of research information, supporting education and research in laboratories, seminar classes and courses for graduation theses, and introducing the activities and results of student circles.

Schedule for the introductory seminar on statistical systems:

An introductory seminar for using the SAS statistical package on UNIX. Students will be instructed in basic procedures, from starting the SAS program to analyzing data and saving the results of analysis.

Computer Security Seminar for Freshmen:

We will present lectures on a range of issues, such as the rules of the Center concerning the use of computers and the Internet, legal and moral responsibilities about distributing information through networks, and risks involved in using networks, and give hands-on training in basic operations.

Test for Password Reissue:

Training given on the Web on the ethics of using the information environment. The examination is normally administered to students who have had passwords reissued for the Waseda-net portal site and the mail system.

Questionnaire surveys on evaluation of the courses (results for the last semester of 2004)

Media Network Center conducts "questionnaire surveys on evaluation of the courses" to obtain students' objective evaluation about the courses provided by the Center, and to improve the contents, methods and environments of the courses and reform the entire curriculum of MNC based on the evaluation.

The English version reference book of academic literacy

This is an English version of "アカデミックリテラシー(2009年度版) 情報環境下での知の活用" as translated by SunFlare Co., Ltd. , and is published, as is,for the convenience of some of its potential readers. No guarantees are given regarding the accuracy of the translation by the authors,the publisher of the original Japanese version, or Waseda University Media Network Center, nor will any of these entities be held responsible for any errors and/or inaccuracies of the translation. Should there be any discrepancies between the English and the Japanese versions, the original Japanese version should be considered to reflect the ideas and opinions of the authorsand the policies advocated by Waseda University Media Network Center.