Computer Security Seminar for Freshmen

[Important] Notice to the Spring 2014 New Students   japanese

Freshmen and new graduate students must take and pass the following seminar and test in order to acquire correct knowledge to use the IT services provided by Waseda University such as PCs, Internet services and mail services.

  • Computer Security Seminar for Freshmen
  • Information Ethics Test

If you don’t take the seminar and pass the test before the deadline, your Waseda-net ID will be suspended. Without your ID, you cannot use the IT services in Waseda University such as Waseda-net portal, Course [email protected], course registration application, grade report and computer rooms.

[Enrollment Period]
Tuesday, April 1st to 13:00, Monday, June 2nd, 2014

[Persons who must take the seminar and pass the test]
  • Freshmen
  • New Graduate Students who entered Waseda University from other institutions

Non-degree undergraduate students, non-degree graduate students, and graduate students who have completed an undergraduate program at Waseda University are not required to take the seminar and the test. However, such students are advised to take the “Computer Security Seminar for Freshmen,” because it covers extremely important information concerning the use of online university information resources.

[How to Attend]
Please refer to the following our website for more information.
* Obtain your Waseda-net ID before you take the seminar and the test. Please refer here to see instructions to obtain your Waseda-net ID.