Tension sensor system required for even chromosome segregation

The group led by Yuichiro Asai, a Research Associate, and Professor Yasuhiko Terada at Waseda University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, found that oncogene SET/TAF1, which was found as a proto-oncogene of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), contributes to the even chromosome segregation as a third tension sensor with Aurora B kinase and PP2A. Additionally, abnormal SET protein disrupts tension sensor system at the centromere, leading to chromosome missegregation and thereby cancer. These findings were obtained through molecular biological techniques and are the discovery that may lead to treatment for leukemia. This research, which was performed collaboratively with the group led by Professor Kyosuke Nagata, a president of Tsukuba University, was published to the online version of Journal of Cell Biology (Rockefeller University Press) in August 2019.