Prospects for 5G and beyond:
The first THz radio link
with up to 100 Gbps
transmission speed

The standardization of 5G NR, the first global standard for the next generation of mobile communications 5G, is nearly complete. Data traffic densities of several terabytes per second per square kilometre are being predicted. Connectioning to mobile telephones requires more and more mobile radio cells, each covering only a small area, to offer the requested high data rates to all users. Each of these cells has to be connected via a “backhaul” link to the data network of a mobile service provider. Fibre connections are not always a viable option. In the project “ThoR,” researchers from Europe and Japan, together with manufacturers and operators, meet the challenge to transfer these large amounts of data by means of THz radio links as backhaul into the core network of the mobile service providers.

The ThoR consortium joins leading Japanese and European players from industry, research and development as well as from science, whose preliminary work defines the state-of-the-art in terahertz communications. Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany and Waseda University in Japan will jointly coordinate the project, which plans not only to develop and investigate technical solutions for backhauling and fronthauling but also to carry out demonstrations in a real environment.