Waseda Hosts 2018 MIRAI Seminar & Scientific Session Workshops

This year’s annual MIRAI Seminar & Scientific Session, which was organized to promote joint research between Japanese and Swedish universities, was held on the 11th and 12th of  October 2018 at Waseda University.

The MIRAI Project began as a suggestion from Swedish representatives at the Japan-Sweden University Presidents’ Summit in October, 2015. The project encourages long term research collaboration between Japanese and Swedish universities and aims to raise the presence of universities in both countries over a four year period. Seven universities in Sweden and eight universities in Japan are currently participating in MIRAI.

This year’s annual MIRAI Seminar & Scientific Session was held in Japan (Waseda University, University of Tokyo and Sophia University). Around 230 people attended the event, many of whom were researchers from Japan and Sweden. Of the four fields covered in the seminar (sustainability, materials science, ageing and innovation), Waseda University chaired ageing and innovation.