Material processing with very little thermal influence by extreme ultraviolet laser

A team of scientists including Professor Masakazu Washio of Waseda University realized laser processing with little thermal influence on synthetic quartz with extreme ultraviolet femtosecond laser.

In the next-generation laser processing, which uses shorter pulses and shorter wavelengths, it is important to elucidate its processing mechanism and conduct non-thermal processing with little thermal influence by grasping its processing characteristics. In this study, the team used extreme ultraviolet femtosecond laser to process synthetic quartz and determined the absorption length and damage threshold, which are important as processing characteristics, as well as clarified the processing morphology. This research is expected to contribute to the elucidation of laser processing mechanism of materials such as glass materials and the search for optimal conditions.

This study was published online in Applied Physics Letters on October 22, 2018.