Taking Waseda University Beyond Japan
—The True Meaning of Globalization Reform

Waseda Vision 150 is a platform for envisioning a global Waseda University that goes beyond the borders of Japan. In order to realize this vision, in addition to Waseda University’s founding principles of openness and diversity, it is necessary to maintain global fluidity. Five years have passed since the launch of Waseda Vision 150. We have achieved remarkable results, such as attaining the top rank in Japan in various indicators related to globalization of education and research. Last year, the interim reports of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities (2013) and the Top Global University Project (2014) were produced. These projects were selected as plans to accelerate these efforts. Here, I would like to consider the meaning of globalization in the context of Waseda University’s objectives.