Gradation-Tint Smart Window

NIMS, Waseda University and Tama Art University developed together smart glass capable of producing various shades on its surface. Unlike the conventional types, the newly developed tinting smart glass allows users to easily change the shaded area of a window.

This research was conducted jointly by a NIMS research group led by Masayoshi Higuchi (leader of the Electronic Functional Macromolecules Group, Research Center for Functional Materials); Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation, Waseda University, and Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University. This study was carried out in conjunction with a research project entitled “Ultrafast, ultralow-power, ultralarge-area electrochromism” (Masayoshi Higuchi, principal investigator) in the research area “Innovative nano-electronics through interdisciplinary collaboration among material, device and system layers” (Takayasu Sakurai, research supervisor) funded by the JST Strategic Basic Research Programs (specifically the CREST program).