Secrets behind longevity
of farmers

Farmers are said to have longer life expectancies in comparison to the general public. This is thought to be true internationally, and studies to statistically confirm mortality rates and disease attack rates in accordance with occupation are being carried out around the world. Many of these research results show that there is significant difference in mortality rate among management level and blue collar workers under 60 years old, but for farmers, the difference varies. Furthermore, there is the chicken-or-the-egg question; do farmers live longer because they farm, or do they farm because they live longer? Investigation on this causal relationship has not been done yet.

Previously, Professor Emeritus Kenji Horiguchi and Professor Masahiko Genma of Waseda University found that medical expenses of self-employed farmers were 30% less in comparison to everyone else. To tell the precise differences between the two groups, the professors conducted a survey in Saitama Prefecture between February and March of 2017.