9 faculty members receive awards at the Commendation for Science & Technology from MEXT

Four researchers and a group of five faculty members from the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University received awards at the Commendation for Science & Technology initiated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 2017 for their remarkable research achievements on April 19.

Awards are presented to Professor Shigeki Sugano and Associate Professor (Young Researcher Category) Michiaki Hamada, Atsushi Hosoi and Junichiro Yamaguchi for their exceptional research and contribution to the development of Science and Technology.

A Promotion of Public Understanding of Science & Technology Group Award is also given to five faculty members (Masanori Ito, Naoya Kakishita, Yasuhide Saito, Hajime Hosoi & Go Shimada) of the University.