World’s first success in synthesizing perovskite
oxide PbCoO3

A group of scientists, including Professor Takashi Mizokawa from Waseda’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, succeeded in synthesizing perovskite oxide PbCoO3, an oxide (O3) mineral in which oxygen is combined with lead (Pb) and cobalt (Co). They also discovered a charge distribution never seen before, where both lead and cobalt had charge orderings, by controlling the energy levels of lead and cobalt. In an experiment using X-ray radiation and neutron beams, its charge ordering structure was also revealed. These findings present a new strategy for mixing valence states in single-phase oxides, possibly producing next-generation materials with properties such as superconductivity without it being resistant to large magnetic force or have high thermopower.

This study was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society on March 15.