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Dean: Kiyotada Kato, Ph. D.

The School of Human Sciences was founded in Tokorozawa in 1987, celebrating the centennial of Waseda University. The campus is surrounded by natural beauty and is equipped with state-of-the-art educational and athletic facilities. With highly qualified faculty and a dynamic curriculum, the School pursues excellence in research in human sciences as well as the education of the future leaders in this new field. Fully aware of the many difficulties humanity faces today, the School engages in both research and teaching activities designed to give a clearer picture and a better understanding of Man's existence, behavior and development, including his relationship with his natural and social environment. Studies at the School as a whole concentrate on Man's lifetime development and embrace areas of knowledge and exploration such as physiology, psychology, and sociology. The School consists of the following three departments: Department of Basic Human Sciences, Department of Human Health Sciences, and Department of Sports Sciences. Each department offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor's degree in Human Sciences. The School also offers graduate instruction leading to the Master's degree and the Doctoral degree in Human Sciences.


This Department addresses the subject of Man's existence in an interdisciplinary manner, engaging in comprehensive research and providing instruction relating to Man's creative development in terms of his life, behavior, psychology and society. The research conducted in the Department attaches particular importance to the interrelationship of historical circumstances, social and natural environment and the physical, behavioral process. This process, of course, begins with reproduction and birth, going through to the various stages of development and maturity, up to and embracing the fact and problems of death.


This Department engages in research into and gives instruction in both theory and various techniques employed in the provision and improvement of our environment and social organization. The aim of this work is to make possible more fulfilling human activities in such areas as education, medicine and industry, as well as to promote the improvement of physical and mental health. To achieve this goal, the following content areas constitute the core of the Department's activities:


The aim of this Department is to gain and give a comprehensive understanding and clear picture of Man to conduct research primarily relating to sports culture. The Department also educates and trains future leaders who can give guidance in athletic skills and the maintenance of physical fitness through sports and recreation activities in schools, local community and the workplace. The Department offers a wide-ranging curriculum providing ample scope to those who wish to study in such areas as physical education, the sports sciences and physical fitness and health, as well as to those who are gifted with outstanding athletic skills.



Professor Field of Specialization Course
Aoyagi, Hajime Motivation Psychology Achievement Motivation
Hamaguchi, Haruhiko, D. Lit. Sociology of Social Movement History of Sociological Theories
Haruki, Yutaka, D. Lit. Behavioral Science Behavioral Sciences
Hotta, Satohiro French Literature French
Iino, Tetsuo, Ph. D., D. Sci. Genetics Genetics, Biotechnology
Kanzaki, Iwao German Literature German
Kawanishi, Hirosuke, Ph. D. Sociology Industrial Sociology
Kimura, Ichiro, Ph. D. Cell Biology Cell Biology
Komuro, Terumasa, Ph. D. Cytology and Histology Neuroscience
Morikawa, Yasushi, Ph. D. Biology Environmental Ecology
Nedate, Kaneo Behavioral Science Behavior Theory
Negayama, Kouichi, Ph. D. Developmental Ethology Ethology of Human Development
Sagaza, Haruo Demography Social Change
Shigehara, Atsuro German Literature German
Shibata, Shigenobu, Ph. D. Pharmacology Neuropharmacology
Suzuki, Masao Behavioral Science Aspects of Nonverbal Behavior
Yamanouchi, Korehito, Ph. D. Neuroendocrinology Comparative Morphology
Yano, Takao Cultural Anthropology Asian Studies
Yoshimura, Sakuji Archaeology Study of Civilization
Yoshioka, Toru, Ph. D. Neuroscience Molecular Neurobiology
Associate Professor
Ikeoka, Yoshitaka Sociology of Family Sociology of Family
Miyazaki, Kiyotaka Cognitive Psychology Theory of Cognitive Development
Nakamura, Kaname, D. Lit. French Literature French
Usui, Tsuneo Social Pathology Urban Sociology


Professor Field of Specialization Course
Agari, Ichiro, Ph. D. Clinical Psychology Psychology of Personality
Gray, Robert, Ed.D. Applied Linguistics English
Ishida, Toshiro Ergonomics Human Factors of Safety
Kanno, Jun Counseling School Counseling
Kimura, Rihito Bioethics Bioethics
Kuramochi, Fumiya, Ph. D. Cultural Anthropology Comparative Culture
Miyazaki, Masami, Ph. D. Physical Education Introduction to Exercise and Health
Monzen, Susumu, Ph. D. Clinical Psychology Psychotherapy
Nojima, Eiichiro, Ph. D. Educational Technology Educational Psychology
Noro, Kageyu, D. Engr. Ergonomics Ergonomics
Okano, Seiji, D. Lit. Sociology Welfare Service
Saegusa, Yukio English Linguistics English
Sakano, Yuji, Ph. D. Behavioral Clinical Psychology Behavior Therapy
Sako, Toshihiko Environmental Psychology Environmental Psychology
Soma, Ichiro, D. Lit. Environmental Psychology Environmental Psychology
Tanada, Hirofumi, Ph. D. Urban Sociology Theories of Social Development
Tanaka, Junzo English Literature English
Tanigawa, Akio Archaeology Cultural History of Japan
Yoshimura, Tadashi Physical Education Introduction to Recreation
Associate Professor
Fujimoto, Hiroshi, D. Engr. Human Interface Assistive Technology
Morimoto,Toyotomi, Ph. D. Comparative Education English
Saito, Miho, Ph. D. Environmental Psychology Environmental Cognition


Professor Field of Specialization Course
Ando, Kozo Physical Education Sports Practice
Funato, Norio Physical Education Sports Practice
Hamano, Yoshio Sports Law Sports Law
Hayashi, Toshihiro Physical Education Sports Practice
Hibino, Hiroshi Physical Education Sports Practice
Hiki, Shizuo, D. Engr. Sports Technology Rehabilitation
Ito, Junzo Physical Education Sports Practice
Kasai, Junichi Physical Education Measurement Theory and Practice
Kato, Kiyotada, Ph. D. Sports Morphology Physical Morphology
Kodama, Masahisa Sports Psychology Psychology of Motor Performance
Machida, Kazuhiko, Ph. D. Environmental Health Science Public Hygiene
Maeda, Katsuya Work Measurement, Motion Study Scientific Analysis of Work
Miyagi, Atsushi Physical Education Sports Practice
Miyauchi, Takanori Sociology of Sports Sociology of Sports
Mori, Takeshi Physical Education Sports Practice
Muraoka, Isao, Ph. D. Exercise Physiology Exercise Physiology
Nishiotachime, Hisashi Physical Education Sports Practice
Ota, Fukio, Ph. D. Nutritional Physiology Human Nutrition
Onozawa, Koushi Physical Education Sports Practice
Sasaki, Hideyuki Physical Education Advanced Sports Methodology and Practice
Sato, Chiharu Physical Education Sports Practice
Seki, Kazuyoshi Physical Education Sports Practice
Shishida, Fumiaki Physical Education Philosophy of the Martial Arts
Sougawa, Tsuneo, Ph. D. Sport Anthropology Cultural Theory of Sports
Suzuki, Shuji, Ph. D. Motor Control and Biomechanics Motor Control
Takenaka, Kouji, Ed.D. Exercise Psychology Health and Sport Activity for Life
Umezawa, Norio Sports Management Sports Management
Yajima, Tadaaki Physical Education Sports Practice
Yamazaki, Katsuo, Ph. D. Psychophysiology Psychophysiology
Yano, Masatsugu Physical Education Sports Practice
Associate Professor
Nakamura, Yoshio, Ph. D. Exercise Physiology Exercise Physiology
Ota, Akira Physical Education Sports Methodology and Practice
Torii, Suguru, M.D. Sports Medicine Sports Medicine
Tsuchiya, Jun Sports Science Qualitative Analysis of Sports Motion
Assistant Professor
Horino, Hiroyuki Sports Science Sports Practice
Nishimura, Shouji Information Science Information Processing
Okada, Junichi Muscle Training Sports Practice
Sugiyama, Chizuru Physical Education Introduction to Dance
Assistant Professor in School
Inoue, Hiroko, Ph. D. Neurochemistry Molecular Neurobiology


To graduate from the School of Human Sciences and acquire the Bachelor's Degree (Human Science), students are required to complete the four years of the School's program and earn the following course units:

Department of Basic Human Sciences (124 units)

Department of Human Health Sciences (124 units)

Department of Sports Sciences (124)


Courses Required by the School

Courses Required by the Department of Basic Human Sciences

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Exercises in Developmental Biology
Exercises in Cytology and Histology
Exercises in Neuroendocrinology
Exercises in Neurophysiology
Exercises in Genetics
Exercises in Pharmacology
Exercises in Molecular Biology of the Cell
Exercises in Ecology
Methods of Psychological Research I, II
Regional Demography I, II
Rural Sociology I, II
Sociology of the Family I, II
Urban Sociology I, II
Industrial Sociology I, II

Courses Required by the Department of Human Health Sciences

Required Courses

Elective Courses

<Questionnaire Design and Research>

Environment: Behavior Research Methods
Measurement of Man at Work
Psychological Assessment
Behavioral Assessment
Case Study
Protocol Analysis
Evaluation and Analysis of Design
Theory of Visual and Sound Imaging
Group Process Analysis
Fieldwork Studies I, II
Sense and Imagery Analysis
Measurement of Human Response and Motion

<Lecture Courses>

Environmental Cognition
Environmental Psychology
Instructional Design
Environment: Behavior Studies
Community Welfare
Introduction to Recreation
Studies of Japanese Culture
Comparative Studies of Foreign Cultures
Introduction to Comparative Sociology
Health Psychology
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
School Counseling
Analytic Psychotherapy
Clinical Bioethics
Human Factors of Safety
Virtual Reality
Harsh Environmental Ergonomics
Intercultural Communication
Assistive Technology

Courses Required by the Department of Sports Sciences

Required Courses

Elective Courses

<Group A>

Sports Practice I
Gymnastics, Track and Field, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Judo, Kendo, Dance, New Sports, Muscle Strength Training, Apparatus Gymnastics, Swimming, Soft Tennis, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Softball, Skiing, Skating, Wrestling

Theory of Physical Training
Theory of Measurement and Evaluation

<Group B>

Sociology of Sports
Sports Law
Cultural Theory of Sports
Sports Management

<Group C>

Sports Medicine
Sports Physiology
Psychology of Sports

<Group D>

Theory of Sports Technique
Track and Field, Swimming, Gymnastics, Ball Games I, II, III, Combat Sports, Outdoor Sports

Practice of Measurement and Evaluation
English Reading for Research

Sports Practice II
Track and Field, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Judo, Kendo, Apparatus Gymnastics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Dance
Advanced Sports Methodology and Practice
Swimming, Weight Training, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Judo, Kendo, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Soft Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Skiing, Skating

Music Theory and Practice
Practice of Athletic Conditioning

Themes in Human Science

T-I Human Science Today
Modern Day Religion, Organ Transplants, The Olympic Games, Today's Children
T-II Life and Evolution
General Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Cytology and Histology, Physiology, Endocrinology, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Radioactivity in Experimental Biology, Human Evolu
T-III Mind and Behavior
Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Neuroethology, Introduction to the Psychology of Behavior, Ethology and Behavioral Ecology, Ethology of Human Development, Human Behavior and Environment, Theories of Motivation, Aspects of Nonverbal Behavior, Cognitive Psy
T-IV Symbol and Information
Systems Theory, Theories of Symbolic Systems, Theories of Languages and Signs, Methods of Visual Communication, Psychology of Design, Introduction to Social Communication, Mass Media Research, Learning and Media, Journalism Studies, Politics, Economics
T-V Human Development and Adaptation
Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics, Pedagogy, Educational Systems and Organization, Educational Environment, Teaching-Learning Processes, Life Course Studies, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Theory, Psychology of Ego Identi
T-VI Society and Environment
Ecosystem Sciences, Animal Ecology, History of Environmental Studies, Demography, Social Change, Urban Sociology, Social Groups, Public Policy, Social Research, Social Consciousness, Ecological Psychology, Human Relations, Theories of Inter-personal Behav
T-VII Life and Social Welfare
Social Welfare, An Outline of Social Welfare, Comparative Welfare, Life-long Study, Sociology of the Family, Theories and Practices of the Aging Society in Japan, The Psychology of Aging, The Science of Nursing, Rehabilitation, Law, Constitution, Industri
T-VIII Culture and History
Cultural Psychology, Gender Studies, Clinical Problems and Culture, Archaeology, Prehistory, Japanese Folklore, Science of Religion, Cultural Anthropology, Theory of Social Development, Comparative Studies of World Cultures, Asian Studies, Introduction to
T-IX Physical Expression
Aesthetics, Japanese Literature, Study of Music, History of the Arts, History of Representation, Studies of Drama, Film and Photography, Introduction to Dance, Philosophy of Martial Arts, Theories of Play, Creating Art in Natural and Artificial Environmen
T-X Sport and Modern Society
Health and Sport Activity for Life, Sports in the Community, Theories of Sports Environments, Sport Pedagogy, Administrative Management in Sport, Theory of Sports Information, Sports Industries, Sports Marketing, Social Research, Fieldwork Methodology of
T-XI Physical Fitness and Sport Technique
Human Anatomy, Physical Morphology, Sports Nutrition, Mental Skill Training, Sports Technology, Qualitative Analysis of Sports Motion, Motor Control, Exercise Diagnosis, Sports Activities
T-XII Health and Medical Care
Fundamental Human Nutrition, Hygiene, Public Hygiene, School Health, Mental Health, Psychosomatic Medicine, Medical Psychology, Psychiatry, Imaging Medicine, Emergency Treatment, Methodology of First Aid, Clinical Sports Medicine, Health Sociology, Medica

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