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July 18, 2008
La Fiesta Mexicana

Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker was Professor Keiko Hata, from the faculty of Social Sciences. Professor Hata specializes in the history of Mexican Politics. Her talk about Mexican culture and society was based on her experience living in Mexico. She commented on many pictures she took of her favorite Mexican things.

Students receiving their pamphlets and name tags. Many people found the materials donated by the Mexican Tourism Office to be very useful!

Two students from Mexico (left and right) and an ICC staff member from Brazil (center) hosted the event in English, Japanese and Spanish.




The Mexican Supporters hold their country’s flag and smile, as professor Hata talked about their country.

“Dale, dale ,dale!”, the students practice a song for breaking the pinata. “C’mon, don’t be shy!” , says their teacher.



While singing the song that they had just learned, the participants broke the pinata.
Four people took turns swinging the broom and one of them even used Kendo techniques.
Still, the pinata was not easy to break.

Our Mexican supporters laugh and exchange jokes as they make the sturdy pinata.

“Would you take me for a Mexican if I wore a sombrero?” The sombreros borrowed from the Mexican Embassy were really popular.


I had the chance to practice Spanish. I wish we had more events about South and Central American languages.

There were more Spanish speaking students than I expected.

I met a student from the University I am going to.

I came because I wanted to meet interesting people, and it lived up to my expectations, as I could talk to different people and learn more about Mexican character.

I wanted to learn more about typical Mexican culture and Mexican history. Professor Hata’s talk was very useful in this sense.

I learned more about Mexican history.

I interacted with people from Mexico.

I was able to meet real Mexicans and learned a lot about Mexico.

I learned about many traditions I didn’t know before. I wish I could speak Spanish.