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WADA, Yoshitaka

Speciality Legal Practice
Professor Dr. Yoshitaka Wada joined Waseda Law School in 2004. He teaches Theory of Law, Legal Counseling & Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, and Japanese Legal Culture. Most of his classes include role-play and simulation through which theory and practice are synthesized. After graduating from Kyoto University School of Law in 1979, he proceeded to the Graduate School of Law at Kyoto University. After being appointed as a research Associate at Kyoto University in 1987, he joined Kyushu University as an associate professor in 1988, then was promoted to professor in 1996. His research interests include Law and Society Theory, ADR, Medical Malpractice, and Legal Profession. He has published many books including, among others, Healthcare Conflict Management, Deconstruction of Law and Society Studies, Skills for Legal Counseling, and Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. He is also serving for Japan Healthcare Mediator Association as a vice president and for the Center for Dispute and Negotiation Research at Waseda University as a chair.
Degree J.S.D (Kyoto University, 1993), LL.M (Kyoto University, 1981), LL.B (Kyoto University, 1979)
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