Dean's Message

IKE, Shunsuke

The goal of the Graduate School of Education is to foster researchers with advanced capabilities in basic research on education and various other fields in support of those studies, and furthermore the various scientific fields which support the foundation of those subjects, while at the same time fostering advanced professionals in faculties in the various fields related to education. Our major advantage is that we can provide a variety of programs for people that have already been active in the field of education.

IKE, Shunsuke
(Dean of the Graduate School of Education)


The Graduate School of Education first commenced making master’s programs available in 1990 and then doctoral programs in 1995. Our basis was the School of Education, founded in 1949, in a succession to the higher normal schools that were founded before the war in 1903. We at Waseda University now have more than 100 years of history as a teacher-training college.

In 1998 the new major of Mathematic education was made available, and in 2003 individual One-year master’s programs was commenced.

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