PhD in Social Sciences, Waseda University
Lecturer, Associate Professor,  Professor , Institute of Social Sciences, Waseda University(1989-2002)
Professor, Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (2002-present)
Professor, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University (2002-present) ※Dean (2008-2010)
Visiting Professor(2002-2003) / Visiting Scholar(2013-2014), New Zealand Asia Institute, University of Auckland

■Field of Specialization:
 Global Exchange Studies, Studies on Economics Education, New Zealand Studies
■Research Theme:
 Historical Review of the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR)
 International Comparative Studies of Economics Education and Personal Finance Education,
 Comprehensive Studies of New Zealand
■Major Works / Publications Awards:
 【Major Works】
 ・The Institutionalization of Knowledge in International Relations; Establishment of the Institute of Pacific Relations and the Institute of International Affairs in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, Ronso-sha, 2005
 ・Studies on the Institute of Pacific Relations, Ryukei Shyosha, 1997
 ・Historical Review of Pacific Community: The Institute of Pacific Relations and Pacific Conferences, Hokujyu-Shupan, 1991
 International Award, National Council on Economic Education (now, Council for Economic Education) (2004) USA
■Academic Societies / Service to Society:
 【Academic Societies】
  Japan Society for New Zealand Studies (Executive Board Member: 2001-present), (President: 2008-2012,2014-present)
  Japan Society for Economic Education (Executive Board Member: 1998-2012), (President:1998-1999)
  Japan Society for Intercultural Studies (Executive Board Member: 2008-2012,2015-present), (Executive Director: 2013-2015)
 【Service to Society】
  A Committee Member of Revisions of the Courses of Study on Civics, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan (1989, 1998, 2004)
■Research Project:
 MA: International Cooperation in Asia Pacific Region(Not available from September 2017 Admission)
 PhD: Asia-Pacific Cooperation(Not available from September 2016 Admission)
■Research theme, outline of project research seminar, message to prospects:
 This research project will focus on the activities of one INGO in the Asia-Pacific Region, the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR: 1925-1961), which was especially active before and during the Pacific War as a founder of Asia-Pacific Studies. The research activities of the International Secretariat of IPR and its national branches (Japan, China, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Korea, the Philippines, the Netherlands, France, USSR) will be examined in relation to the international situation at that time, In addition, the thoughts of key individuals who were involved in the IPR movement will be examined.
The historical analysis will help students learn to write academic papers and Master theses and to grasp contemporary international issues and disputes from an historical view point.
By using historical documents and current academic articles and books, students are expected to contribute to contemporary society as young academicians to help solve a variety of social and international problems.
■Web Page/ Researcher DB:


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