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International Symposium

Natural Disasters and Human Mobilities: Research on Non-traditional Security in East Asia

Program Overview

Many security issues of today have transnational or supranational dimensions, and the existing security management frameworks are challenged by non-traditional security concerns, especially those related to protection of human rights, humanitarian assistance and social integration. This symposium will examine non-traditional security challenges in East Asia and possible frameworks for addressing them. The symposium will consist of a keynote lecture by Professor Katsuma Yasushi, the dean of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies of Waseda University and two panel sessions entitled “East Asian Migrations: Exploring New Concepts, Indices, Trends and Theories in an Emerging Field” and “Natural Disaster and International Cooperation.”

This symposium will be held as a part of the EAUI Program, a joint education program run by Korea University, Nanyang Technological University, Thammasat University, Korea University, Peking University and Waseda University. The EAUI Program aims to cultivate the next generation of leaders, scholars and professionals armed with a high level of expertise and deep understanding of the diversity in East Asia.

Date 10:00 - 16:20, February 5th (Thursday) 2015
Venue Room 711, 7th Floor, 19th Building (Nishi-Waseda bldg.),Waseda University
Host EAUI Program, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University
Language English
Registration Advanced registration is required to attend this symposium. Please send the following information to 1.full name 2:affiliation
Detailed information Symposium Brochure (uploaded on Jan 19) new!!

Program Outline (PDF as of December 25, 2014)

Keynote Speech
Speaker: KATSUMA, Yasushi (Professor, Dean of Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University)
Presentation title: Human Security and the Post-2015 Agenda

<Session 1>
East Asian Migrations: Exploring New Concepts, Indices, Trends and Theories in an Emerging Field

Moderator: ROBERTS, Glenda S. (Professor, Waseda University)
Discussants: FAN, Shiming (Associate Professor, Peking University), HONDA, Miki (Associate Professor, Waseda University)

Presentation 1
Presenter: YOON, In-jin (Professor of Korea University)
Presentation title: Designing New Concepts and Indices of Migrant Integration and Multiculturalism for Northeast Asia

Presentation 2
Presenter: LIU, Hong (Professor, Nanyang Technological University)
Presentation title: In Search of a New Migration Order: The Chinese Experience in Global and Comparative Perspective

Presentation 3
Presenter: LIU-FARRER, Gracia (Professor, Waseda University)
Presentation title: Investigating East Asian Migration Phenomena from a Cultural Sociological Approach

<Session 2>
Natural Disaster and International Cooperation
Moderator: MITOMO, Hitoshi (Professor, Waseda University)
Discussants: KOGA, Kei (Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University), NAKAJIMA, Seio (Associate Professor, Waseda University)

Presentation 4
Presenter: ZHA, Daojiong (Professor, Peking University)
Presentation title: Human Security in East Asia: the case of disaster response

Presentation 5
Presenter: KAMOLVEJ,Tavida (Assistant Professor, Thammasat University)
Presentation title: Challenges to Regional Collaborative Disaster Management of ASEAN

Presentation 6
Presenter: HOBSON, Christopher (Assistant Professor, Waseda University)
Presentation title: Fukushima and the future: Reflections on human insecurity in Japan

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