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Where does Asia’s future lie? In a growing market? In an expanding middle class, bolstered by economic growth? Or perhaps it lies in the development of international ties as represented by ASEAN. It is important to think of Asia’s future from these perspectives, of politics and the economy, but the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies takes a different approach. We look at how educational exchanges and collaborations among the young might build the future of Asia.

Asia consists of many countries that have different cultural backgrounds. Through mutual understanding and effective communication among these foreign cultures, we can learn about living harmoniously in a multicultural world. This process is already being promoted in many universities in many countries, through initiatives such as study abroad programs and cultural exchange programs.

The East Asian University Institute (EAUI) for Asian Regional Integration program (Campus Asia-EAUI Program), supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan as part of the Re-Inventing Japan Project, has been launched based on this spirit of multiculturalism. The program promotes collaborative graduate education among Waseda University, Korea University, Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, and Thammasat University in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China, and Thailand, respectively. These 5 countries are major players in the politics and economy of East Asia, and these universities represent the top educational institutions in their respective countries.

The Campus Asia-EAUI Program, which started in December 2011, has 3 main pillars – student exchange, the construction of educational programs, and the intellectual discussion over the EAUI. For student exchange, we encourage interaction among graduate students in the 5 countries. Currently, Waseda University is the main coordinator of the semester exchange program between the 5 universities. Select students from the 5 universities also attend summer and winter schools, which are joint programs where students learn together in a closeknit environment through lectures, workshops, and presentations.

Regarding the construction of educational programs, we are in the process of establishing a program where students can obtain a joint certificate issued by Waseda University and one of the 4 universities. Just as students share their place of study, faculty and staff from the 5 universities have also held many joint meetings to discuss educational matters. Along the way, we have learned that course credit systems and academic calendars differ between the universities.

Difficulties will no doubt be encountered as we conduct this grand experiment of creating joint educational programs, and it will take time, but as people involved in education, we believe that the construction of joint programs is of great significance. As we promote student exchange and go through the process of constructing joint educational programs, we are also engaged in facilitating discussion over the EAUI. We have yet to know what form EAUI will take, or indeed what form it should take. Will it be backed by a firmly set system as in Europe, or will it be a more flexible compilation of networks? The Campus Asia-EAUI Program is a place to think about these kinds of issues as well.

Wherever our goals take us, we firmly believe that the learning process the Campus Asia-EAUI Program provides will present meaningful opportunities for education and exchange to the participating students and universities. It is our sincere desire to keep advancing this program through discussions with all parties related to the program.

April 2013

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