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The Winter School 2014 at Thammasat University, Bangkok Thailand

We regrettably inform you that 2014 Winter School 2014 at Thammasat University is cancelled due the unstable political and social situation in the Bangkok area.

Date: November 18 (Mon) 18:15~19:15
Venue: Room 710, 7th floor, Building 19
Language: English( and Japanese if necessary)
The information of Winter School 2014 at Thammasat University with our partner universities (Korea University・Nanyang Technological University・Peking University・Thammasat University) in general will be given at this guidance as well as how to apply for.
※No advanced registration required.
Flyer for Guidance

■Application Guide, Application Form & Syllabus
Application Guide
Application Form
Should you download Requirements and read it carefully, prepare and bring all the required documents to the Campus Asia-EAUI Program office from November 18th(Mon) to:17:00 November 25th (Mon), 2013.

■Detailed Information

<January 31, 2014 Updated>
Schedule, Lecture Abstracts, Reading Assignments , and Preliminary Seminar(Waseda Students only) have been uploaded HERE.

■General Information
1. Outline
This Winter School 2014, tentatively entitled “Trade Regimes in East Asia”, introduces the historical development, the rationales and the various efforts in establishing regional free trade agreements in East Asia. It addresses the controversies as well as the divergent social and political reactions toward the concepts and contents of Free Trade Agreements. During the course, regional free trade agreements encompassing different geographic areas will be introduced and compared. Various state policies and strategies will be analyzed. Leading economists and political scientists from Korea University, Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, Thammasat University and Waseda University will offer lectures from different regional/state as well as theoretical perspectives.

2.The Course Title
Theory of Asian Regional Integration II (CA-EAUI)
February 24th (Mon.) -- February 28th (Fri.), 2014
Attendance in the Preliminary Seminar held on February 15th (Sat) is mandatory.
Associate Professor Gracia LIU-FARRER
3credits will be given under the course title “Theory of Asian Regional Integration II (CA-EAUI)” which counts as a GSAPS official course toward graduation.
*Non-GSAPS students are required to consult their own graduate school about the possibility of and the necessary procedures for the credit transfer.
Graduate students enrolled in a regular degree program (MA or Ph.D.) Waseda University
8.Number of Openings
Subsidies A round-trip flight ticket between Tokyo and Bangkok and accommodations will be provided by Waseda University. (Any other items and expenses such as visa application fee, overseas travel insurance fee, miscellaneous fees and meals must be covered by each student).


Campus Aisa-EAUI Program Office(CA Office)
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies(GSAPS)
7th floor,19th building, Waseda University
Office hours:Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00(No Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, and University holidays)

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