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The Winter School 2014 at Thammasat University, Bangkok Thailand



■Abstract of Lectures

Abstract of Lectures

■Reading Assignments

Participants of Summer School 2013 are required to read through the reading assignments below beforehand.

Lecture 1: Lecturer ALI, Virot from Thammasat University
UNCTAD World Investment Report 2013: Chapter 4.
Global Production Sharing and Trade Patterns in East Asia

Lecture 2: Asst. Prof. Dr. PRASIRTSUK, Kitti from Thammasat University
RCEP and TPP: Comparisons and Concerns
The Status of East Asian Free Trade Agreements

Lecture 3:Prof. KATO, Atsuyuki from Waseda University
Production Networks in East Asia Survey Paper
Role of Production Networks

Lecture 4: Prof. WANG, Yong from Peking University
Multilateral versus Bilateral and Regional Trade Liberalization: Explaining China’s Pursuit of Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
WTO Accession, Globalization, and a Changing China

Lecture 5: Asst. Prof. KIM, Dong-Hun from Korea University
Trading on Preconceptions Why World War I was not Failure of Economic Interdependence

Lecture 6: Asst. Prof. CHIA, Wai Mun from Nanyang Technological University
*Students are required to read to complete three readings instead of two.
Monetary Integration in ASEAN+3:A Perception Survey of Opinion Leaders
Trade Intensity and Business Cycle Synchronization: East Asia versus Europe
Trade, Finance, Specialization and Synchronization in the Asia-Pacific

■Preliminaly Seminar ※Waseda Students Only

Preliminaly Seminar


Campus Aisa-EAUI Program Office(CA Office)
Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies(GSAPS)
7th floor,19th building, Waseda University
Office hours:Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00(No Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, and University holidays)

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