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Summer School 2014 (Last Updated: Sep.10)

General Information of Summer School 2014 in Korea University (Korea) Guidance 

Time May 12th, 2014 (Mon) 18:15~(About 1 hour)
Venue Room 610, 6th Floor, Bldg.19 
Language English ・Japanese
Content Outline of Summer School 2014 in Korea University
Presentation on the application procedure
Leaflet Leaflet (PDF)

※Application Guide for the Summer School 2014 can be downloaded here.
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Lecture abstracts are available here

To download Lecture notes, please click “Lecture Notes” in each box.

Lecture 2
Assist. Prof. KATO, Atsuyuki (Waseda University)_Lecture Notes
Lecture title: Production Networks in East Asia: the past, the present and the future
1_ADBI Working Papers Series, Production Networks in East Asia: What We Know So Far
2_CES Info Working Papers, Role of Production Networks in Sustaining and Rebalancing Asia’s Growth

Lecture 4
Lecturer. ALI, Virot (Thammasat University)_Lecture Notes
Lecture title: States’ Strategy and Trade Regimes
1_ UNCTAD World Investment Report 2013
2_ Working Papers in Trade and Development, Global Production Sharing and Trade Patterns in East Asia

International Symposium "Institutional and Market-Driven Economic Integration in East Asia"
Presentation Abstracts are available here
(This is a tentative overview of the symposium. The finalized information will be distributed after your arrival in Seoul)

Session one: Recent Development in Institutional Integration in East Asia

Prof. URATA, Shujiro (Waseda University)_Lecture Notes
Presentation title: Japan’s FTA Strategy

Assist. Prof. PRASIRTSUK, Kitti (Thammasat University)_Lecture Notes
Presentation title: Thailand’s FTAs

Dr. WU, Xiangning (Peking University )_Lecture Notes
Presentation title: Ongoing China-South Korea-Japan FTA and the Implication for East Asia Regional Cooperation

Session two: Practical Issues in Economic Integration in East Asia

Prof. KANG, Moonsung (Korea University)_Lecture Notes
Presentation title: Making the Most of Regional Economic Integration from a Theoretical Perspective

Assist Prof. CHEN, Xiaoping (Nanyang Technological University)_Lecture Notes
Presentation title: The Implications of Global Production Chain

Prof. KONG, Su Jin(Korea University) _Lecture Notes
Presentation Title: Overlapping Trade Rules in FTAs by East Asian Countries




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