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Program Overview

In this program, you can spend one semester (spring/fall) as an exchange student at one of the four partner universities below. In principle, participants will take courses offered in English at the partner universitites. However, it is possible to take courses offered in Mandarin at Nanyang Technological University and Peking University, Korean at Korea University and Thai at Thammasat University.
The Campus Asia-EAUI Program aims to produce “global Asian leaders” - individuals with high levels of expertise capable of contributing to the realization of both global and regional public interests. The semester exchange program can provide you with a chance to deepen your understanding of the culture of the host country and build your network. The experience in the program will be an invaluable asset as you develop your career as an expert of the Asia-Pacific region.

Information of Partner Universities

Korea University (College of Political Science and Economics)
Nanyang Technological University (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Peking University (School of International Studies)
Thammasat University (Faculty of Political Science)

General Information of Exchange Program (For the information after AY 2016, please click here.)

2013 Fall Semester Exchange Program
2014 Spring Semester Exchange Program
2014 Fall Semester Exchange program
2015 Spring Semester Exchange Program
2015 Fall Semester Exchange Program
2016 Spring Semester Exchange Program

Interview of Participants

Please read the voice from participants here .


Vol.1 November, 2014
Vol.2 February, 2015
Vol.3 July, 2015

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