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Aiming at a Harmony of Tradition with Progress
The Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University is one of the leading graduate schools of business and commercial science in Japan. Inheriting the educational traditions of the School of Commerce (established in 1904), the Graduate School was established in 1951 during the great reform of the Japanese education system, and has educated many students of ability who are now dedicating themselves to both domestic and international business, academic and other fields.

The objectives of the Graduate School are to give advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of business management and the commercial sciences, and cultivate to higher degrees in its M.Comm. and D.Comm. Programs the special skills needed by professionals in the academic and business world. To this end, the School offers training and research opportunities in Management, International Business, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Public Policy, Economic History and other related fields.

The rapid diffusion of modern innovations such as advanced computer and communication technologies has made our society more information-oriented, with a resulting globalization in our ways of thinking. It is, however, sometimes difficult to comprehend and control the complex modern world using conventional ideas and the more traditional ways of thinking. Education will enable us to overcome these difficulties. The twenty-first century will need more internationally-minded persons of ability who can not only understand complex structures, functions, and roles, but also control them and provide solutions that integrate the concepts, views, professional knowledge, and techniques of many important fields.

With this vision in mind the Faculty of the Graduate School is enthusiastic about breaking away from conventional thinking and developing the business sciences through academic and research activities. The Faculty aims at improving such educational environments as the re-education of graduates in the business field, the education of foreign students in Japan, and the promotion of exchange programs for students of leading graduate schools throughout the world.

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