The student council consists of all students. This organization is based on the spirit of self-government. By participating in various activities of the student council, students can learn more about their friends and the spirit of democracy.


Most students take part in club activities. As is shown in the table below, there are a large number of clubs and students are sure to find a club that suits their interests. Clubs receive help from alumni and specialists from Waseda University, and most of these clubs are very active, many participating in competitions and tournaments at the national level.

Cultural Clubs Sports Clubs
English Speaking Society French Club Rowing Club Rugby Club
Biology Club Physics Club Soccer Club Volleyball Club
Chemistry Club Earth Science Club Basketball Club Softball Tennis Club
Art Club Glee Club Tennis Club Rubberball Baseball
Photo Club Drama Club Baseball Club Ground Hockey Club
Movie Club Debating Club Swimming club Track and Field Club
Railroad Club Guitar Club Table Tennis Club Judo Club
Shogi Club I-Go Club Kendo Club Kyudo Club
Folk Song Club Chamber Orchestra Club Handball Club Yacht Club
Comics Club Computer Club American Football Club Mountain Climbing Club
Reading Club Juggling Club Karate Club Fencing Club
Golf Club Ski Club
Badminton Club Archery Club
 Fishing Club Brass Band Club
1st Term April Entrance Ceremony, Opening Ceremony,Medical Checkup
May PTA General Meeting, Excursion
June Extracurricular Lecture
July Term Exams, Closing Ceremony, PTA Meeting
August Homestay in Australia, SSH Field Work in Hawaii
2nd Term September Opening Ceremony, Special Exams (2nd & 3rd Year Students)
October School Festival, Extracurricular Lecture
December Term Exams, Closing Ceremony, PTA Meeting(All Students)
3rd Term January Opening Ceremony, Special Exams (2nd & 3rd Year Students), Special Entrance Examination
February Ordinary Entrance Examination
March Term Exams, Closing Ceremony, Graduation