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Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to our website.

Waseda University Senior High School was established by Waseda University, Tokyo in 1949 as a successor to the liberal spirit of the pre-war Waseda University High School. In 2010 we were happy to announce an expansion to incorporate the new Waseda University Junior High School. 1800 boys are currently enrolled in their studies, and we are proud to have turned out more than 36,000 talented individuals over our 65-year history. The school shares the ideals of Waseda University, i.e. independence of learning, the promotion of practical utilization of knowledge, and good citizenship. Based on these ideals, we encourage all of our students to be active world citizens, with a deep understanding and appreciation of diverse values and opinions, as well as of their own culture and traditions. We hope that they will contribute to solving the demanding range of issues facing both Japan and the world in the 21st century.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, Japan has attracted the attention of people all over the world in ways different from the days of rapid economic growth in the late 20th century. A New age has come and our students need to have a higher level of motivation to face the challenges of serving as good citizens in our modern society. Our curriculum and extra-curricular activities have been developed in order for the students to realize this goal. A happy school life, in general, is also the key to our goal.

The American writer Le Guin said, “It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end,” We pledge to make our campus a place where more students can enjoy their journey of life.

We do hope we will have a chance to get acquainted with you as firm friends in the near future.

Hiroshi Yamanishi