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1. Accommodation
Students who applied for the dormitory of Waseda University will likely receive a room in one of the Waseda University dormitories for international students located near campus. Some students choose to live in apartments, which must be arranged independently. Students also have the option of participating in a homestay.

Accommodation assignments will be made only once by the Center for International Education upon receiving student requests as indicated in the Housing Application form. Accommodation changes requested at a later date will not be accepted. Students wishing to move out of the dormitory will be responsible for finding new accommodation. The Housing Application form will be updated on the website and be announced to the partner universities via Pre-departure packet.
EDomitory Information for the Exchange students

2. Living Expenses
In order to live in Tokyo as an international student and study at a university, expenses other than tuition fees will be incurred. These include rent, electricity, transportation, food, books and other such expenses. The following estimate of expenses is an approximate total amount. Actual expenses vary by individual. Minimum living expense for one year: 1,000,000 - 1,200,000JPY which is about 13,000 - 16,000USD(as of October 2012).
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