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1. Qualification
  • At the time of application, students must be enrolled at the graduate level at universities with exchange agreements with Waseda University.
  • Students must be continuously enrolled at the graduate level until the end of the exchange study period at Waseda University.
  • Faculty members and research assistants are not eligible to apply.
  • Students demonstrating excellent academic and personal records at their universities.
  • Students having strong motivation as well as a clear study plan in any field available at Waseda University and who are likely to benefit from study in Japan.
  • Students must have completed 16 years of school education or the equivalent in countries other than Japan.
  • As a general rule, exchange students are required to take the courses at the school where they enroll.
    However, they might be able to take classes conducted by other schools by consulting with the enrolled school and other schools where they would like to take classes.

2. Requirements
Requirements & Restrictions

3. Important Notes when applying for the Graduate School
  • Admission will be determined by the faculty committee at each School. Therefore, in some occasions, although it is requested, the permission for admission may not be granted.
  • Exchange in the Doctoral programs depends on the research contents. Therefore in some occasions, depending on the contents of student's desired research, admission is not allowed by the faculty.
  • In order to be enrolled in the PhD program of the Graduate school, the student must be enrolled in the PhD level in his/her home institution.
  • The main functions of the Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems are located on the Kita-Kyushu Campus in Fukuoka-ken (about 2 hours from Tokyo by airplane). Exchange students enrolled in this graduate school will study on the Kita-Kyushu Campus.
Students who may require additional support due to health conditions, please contact the CIE in advance so that we can make the necessary preparations to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable stay in Japan. Such health conditions will have no impact on the application screening process.
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