To join the conference, please finish your registration, abstract, submission, and payment_before the deadlines.

1. Register your information for the conference (before 20th March)
Click_here_to move to the registration form.
Alternatively, you can send us_the excel form_via email ([email protected]).

If you join the conference as the audience, select "Join symposium as audience" in the regstration form, and skip Step2.

2. Abstract submission (before 20th March)
Download_the word template_of the abstract for the conference.
Then, upload your abstract (pdf format)_here.

For submission, you will need a google account. Alternatively, you can send the abstract via email ([email protected]).

3. Payment (before 15th April)
Pay the registration fee_here_via credit card.

Regular: 35,000JPY
Student: 15,000JPY

********日本人及び日本在住の方(For Japanese Participants)********


金融機関名 三菱UFJ銀行
支店名 高田馬場支店
口座種別 普通
口座番号 2237564
口座名義 第4回有機電池国際会議 代表 小柳津 研一
フリガナ ダイヨンカイユウキデンチコクサイカイギ オヤイヅ ケンイチ