IPS Laboratory Tour

13:00-14:50 IPS Laboratory Tour and Japanese Tea Party

You can choose and join at most three tours out of the following.
Each tour takes approximately 30 minutes.

Tour 1: Information Architecture for Artificial Wisdom
- Data Engineering (Prof. Mizuho Iwaihara)
- Community Computing (Prof. Osamu Yoshie)
- Example-based Machine Translation/NLP (Prof. Yves Lepage)

Tour 2: LSI Design and Verification Technologies
- Circuit-Level Verification Technologies (Prof. Yasuaki Inoue)
- High-Frequency Circuits (Prof. Toshihiko Yoshimasu)

Tour 3: Management and Production Information Systems
- Management Engineering (Prof. Junzo Watada)
- Manufacturing Information Systems (Prof. Tomohiro Murata)
- Production Management Information Systems (Prof. Shigeru Fujimura)

Tour 4: Multimedia Information and Communication Systems
- Multimedia Systems (Prof. Satoshi Goto)
- Mobile Systems LSI (Prof. Takaaki Baba)
- Image Information Systems (Prof. Takeshi Ikenaga)

Tour 5: Robotics, Control and Computational Intelligence
- Process Control (Prof. Harutoshi Ogai)
- Bio-Robotics & Human-Mechatronics (Prof. Takafumi Matsumaru)
- Neurocomputing Systems (Prof. Takayuki Furuzuki)

Tour 6: Sensor, MEMS and Advanced Materials
- Advanced Materials (Prof. Kohei Tatsumi)
- Sensing Systems (Prof. Toshitsugu Ueda)
- Fiber Optic Environmental Sensing Technology (Prof. Makoto Tsubokawa)

A conductor of each tour will be waiting for you in Lecture Room S104.

The tours will start at:
(1) 13:00
(2) 13:40
(3) 14:20

At the same time, Japanese tea party will be held in front of Lecture Room S104.
Please feel free to participate in it and enjoy the flavor of Japanese culture!