Information for Registration

Please make a registration from the following link by 30 September 2015 ⇒ 10 October 2015.
For those participants who will be accompany another participant, please make sure to have them registered separately.


Following are the necessary information in this registration.

Personal Information

  1. Please write your name exactly as shown on your passport.
  2. Please select your title. If your title is not shown in the list, please select "other".
  3. Please write accession professor name of IPS or sender name of an invitation e-mail to you.
  4. Please select your gender.
  5. Please write your email address. (please double check your email address as we might be sending an important notice to this email address.)
  6. Please select the country.
  7. Please write which Organization/University you are from.
  8. If you have already registered from "EasyChair", please write your "Submission Number".

Following are the questions for your participation in ISIPS.

  1. Please let us know if you need lunch. If yes, please select the meal preference from below 3 choices:
    • Standard,
    • Halal,
    • Vegetarian.
  2. We are preparing a tour in the morning of 18th (Wed) for those who wish to participate. You can select one out of two tours of your choice. The maximum number of participants in each tour is 45. We will reserve the spot in order of arrival.
    • Tour 1: Factory tour in Kitakyushu.
    • Tour 2: Sightseeing tour in Kitakyushu.
  3. There will be a banquet in the evening of November 17th (Tue). Please let us know if you would like to attend.