The Japan Association of Teaching Language and Culture was officially established on October 27, 2001. It is an organization that has the following four characteristics. (1) It is truly cross-linguistic in that regardless of the language of one's interest, it widely welcomes individuals who are involved (or simply interested) in language teaching/learning in order to enlighten each other by exchanging ideas as well as to express opinions for a better language education. (2) It is multidisciplinary in that it offers a forum for discussion to experts in various fields, such as literature, linguistics, sociology, etc. (3) It is trans-occupational in that it encourages people from all walks of life to communicate views on language-related issues. (4) It is totally inclusive in that it accepts anyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, and even whether or not they have disabilities; hence, it even promotes studies on communication through such means as sign language, braille, and speech-generating devices for children with autism.

This organization aims at forstering active discussion by various participants on matters generally related to language, culture, and education, informing each other, and training future experts of all related fields.

I thus invite to JATLaC anyone interested in language, culture and education at large.

JATLaC President
Yasukata Yano, Ph.D.






言語文化教育学会 会長
矢野 安剛


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