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This website (http://www.waseda-iao.jp) was designed to cater to the needs and circumstances of various users and to ensure accessibility to all users.

Waseda Web Accessibility Guidelines (Excerpt)
[Standard Requirements]

Techniques to create the website such as HTML and CSS will be written in accordance to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines.

  • DOCTYPE adjusts the appropriate document type
  • Information is appropriately structured/grouped
  • Page title allows the user to identify the contents of the page.
  • Consistency throughout the site to allow for easy navigation.
  • Images and videos complement material and are easily understood by viewers.
  • Color, background color and character have sufficient contrast.
  • Lang attribute specifies the language for navigation

Recommended Browser

We recommend the following browsers for optimum effect.
Although we try to ensure that all information would be most accessible to all users, some information may not be presented correctly in older browsers. As such, please use the most updated version of browsers.

[Recommended browsers]
  • Internet Explorer 8,9,10
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari


The URL http://www.waseda-iao.jp is available to the public. However, it is a non-profit website.

[Link Conditions]
  • If you would like to be linked to this page, please contact the Public Relations Division of Waseda University.
  • Link conditions are subject to change without notice. Should this happen, please conform to the modified conditions.
  • Waseda University is not responsible for the content of any linked sites, as well as any compensations for a third party, or any other related complaints.
  • Waseda University, does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the content of any linked sites.
  • The URL and content on the site may be changed or deleted without notice.
  • Websites containing any slander about the university or any content which would undermine the credibility of the university will be declined.
  • Websites that contain content which is affensive to public order and morals will be declined.
  • Suspicious links to the University's content (from pages with frames) will be declined.

About Plug-ins

This website (http://www.waseda-iao.jp) requires plug-ins to view videos, animation, PDF, etc. If you want to view such content, you will need to install the following plug-ins.

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