Applicants for the Japanese programs require high Japanese language proficiency to be able to read and understand application guidelines and take entrance examinations in Japanese.
Below listed entrance examinations are for applicants who have completed or will complete a total 12 years of non-Japanese education curriculum and wish to study in Japanese at Waseda University.
List of Examinations
Examination Name Schools Enrollment
Undergraduate Admission for International Students "Political Science and Economics", "Law", "Commerce", "Education", "Social Sciences", "Human Sciences", "Sports Sciences", "Fundamental Science and Engineering", "Creative Science and Engineering", "Advanced Science and Engineering", "Culture, Media and Society", "Humanities and Social Sciences" April (All Schools)
September (Commerce only)
Undergraduate Admission without Arrival "Human Sciences", "Sports Sciences" April
Screening Method
Examination Name Screening Method
Undergraduate Admission for International Students

All applicants must take “Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU)” or have a result of “Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)” prior to apply.


-Political Science and Economics: Essay-type Exam and Interview

-Human Sciences: EJU result and Interview

-All Others:Written Exam and Interview

Undergraduate Admission without Arrival

All applicants must take EJU or have a result of JLPT before apply.


-Document Screening

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