Schutz- Philosopher and Man (Chap.34)

  Multiple Commitments (Chap.35)

  Life-Plan Transcended (Chap.36)

  Schutz's Evolving Contribution (Chap.37)

  Outlook (Chap.38)


Preliminary Note


Chapter 34 Alfred Schutz: Philosopher and Man 

    Introductory Remark

  Private Sphere

   :Family    :Ilse Schutz

  Cultural Sphere

   :Music: Relaxation-Passion-Theme  :Arts and Literature  Humor

  Sphere of Thou-Relations

   :Facing Others  Friendship  :Isolation and Communication

  Schutz, the New School Administrators, and his Graduate Faculty Colleagues

   :Schutz as Teacher

  Intellectual Work Sphere

   :Piecemeal-Selectivity of Schutz's American Writings

   :Scholarship without Footnotes   Working Habits

  The Spirit of an Intellectual Commitment

   :Consistency of an Intellectual Commitment

   :Commitment to Principles  :Loyalty to Husserl

   :Intellectual Conscientiousness

  The Sphere of the Counter-Position

   :Philosophy and Counter-Philosophy: A Diversion

   :Two Counter-Positions on Schutz's Horizon

   :Positive Anti-Philosophy as Counter-Position  :Dialogue

  The Spirit of Schutz's Work

   :Disagreement but no Animosity   Openness: To Seek Similarities

   :Rather than Differences   Anti-Sectarian Attitude

   :Concluding Remark



Chapter 35 Multiple Commitment

  :Introductory Remark  :Provinces of Meaning and Spheres of Active Life


         A: Non-Academic Spheres

  :Political Concern  War Effort      Professional Commitment

  :Family Commitments and Economic Obligation    Obligation of a Banking Job

Business Travel


          B: Scholarly Spheres

  Split-Scholarship and Academic Obligation

   After-Hours Scholarship   Academic Obligations  :Teaching

  Scholarly Commitment: The Splintered Pursuit of a University Objective

   :Social-Human Universality   Multi-Divided Fields

  Dominantly Philosophical Concerns

   :Articles about Husserl  :Husserl Manuscripts

   :Other Philosophers  Schutz's Philosophical Contribution

  General Social-Science Concerns

   :General Phenomenological-Social Concerns

The General theory of the Social World

Sociological Theory against a Phenomenological

   :Background  :The Other Social Sciences

  Applications of a Theoretical Approach

   :Differences in Accentuation  Papers in Applied Theory

  Methodological Concerns

   :The Ideal-Typical Method  :The Meta-Sociological Aspect

   :A Second Meta-Sociological Point  :Social-Science Methodology

  Empirical Inquiry

   :Research  :Library Research  :Self-Observation

   :Observation of Others


      C: Split-Existence Patterns and the Consequences

  Commitment and Patterns and Existence

   :Biographical Situation and Life-Story

Schutz's Life Plan and his Life-Organization   Relevances

Relevance Allocation    :Time Allocations

The Split Sphere of an Academic Commitment

   :The Split Sphere of a Scholarly Commitment

   :In Summary: Schutz's Imposed and Chosen Relevances

  Split-Existence-Multiple Strains-Split Consciousness

   :Role Division  The Positive Aspect of a Dual Existence

   :Split Personality

  Overwork-Exhaustion-Intellectual Unproductivity

   :A Vicious Cycle   Concluding Remark



Chapter 36 Life-Plan Transcend

    Introductory Remark

  Transcendence of a Life-Time

   :Life-Work into the Future  :Life-Perspective and Infinite Quest

  Scholarly Generation Succession

   :Intellectual Works as Spiritual Heritage   American

   :Generation Succession of Wealth and Academic Setup

  Schutz Aiming beyond Himself

   :Schutz Reaches toward the Successor Generation

   :A One-Generation Movement?  :Life-Plan beyond Life-Work

  The Successor Generation

   :Philosophers  :Sociologists  :Concluding Remark

  Footnotes (30)


Chapter 37 Schutz's Evolving Contribution

    Introductory Remark

  A Life-Project in Differentiation

   :Periods and Phases   Phases of Scholarly Life-Projects

  Schutz's Life-Project

   :The Periods and Phases of Schutz's Life

   :The Biographical Calendar of Schutz  :[Schutz Biography by HRW,1978]

   :The Five Major Phases: The Sociological Objective

   :Philosophy in Schutz's Biographical Calendar

  Phases of the Sociology of the Life-World

   :Continuity, Variation, Expansion

   :Bergsonian Start: The First Major Phase

   :The Realization of the Early Project of Schutz: Major Phase Two

   :A Plan for the Next Major Phase

   :Social Personality: The Third Phase

   :Relevance: Anticipation of the Next Phase

   :The World Taken for Granted: The Fourth Phase

   :Relevance: Execution in the Fourth Phase

   :Structure of the Life World: The Last Phase

  Stages of Philosophical Concerns

   :Critical Progress: 1930-1959

   :The Changing Philosophical Position of Schutz: The View of Jonas

   :Schutz's Philosophical Concerns after 1957: The View of Kersten

   :Intermediary Remark  Public Markstones  Hidden Markers

   Concluding Remark



Chapter 38 Outlook

    Introductory Remark


       A: The Continuation of Schutz's Influence

  The Start of Schutzian Tradition in North America

   :Students and Followers of Schutz   Publications

   :Secondary Literature   Dissertations

   :A Phenomenological-Sociological Movement in North America

  The International Spread of Schutz's Influence

   :Great Britain   West Germany  :Other Countries


Intermediary Remark


       B: The Sociology of the Life-World as Ongoing Task

  The Long-Range Intellectual Response to Schutz

  The Literary Echo

   :The New Literature  :The Systematic Exploration of this Literature

   :The Critical Development of Schutz's Heritage

   :Movement is Critical Development

  Phenomenological-Psychological Points

   :Rationality and Sentiments

The Dual Historicity of Situation and Individual

The Biographical Situation

   :The Natural Stance and the Pragmatics of Everyday Activities

  Two Methodological Areas

   :The Methodology of Analysis and Presentation

   :A Schutzian Concept of Ideal Type?

   :Constructed Ideal Type and Empirical Investigation

  Social-Psychological Concerns

   :Expansion of the Sociology of Knowledge

   :Vehicles of Communication: Misunderstanding  Multiple Realities

   :Parallelism   The Paramount Reality

  Society and Change

   :Large-Scale Social Structure  :Social Dynamics

   :Social Change


           C: Philosophical Concerns

  Schutz and the Philosophers

   :Philosophers of Influence on Schutz's Thinking  :Acceptance

   :Critique  :Systematic Comparisons

  Metaphysical Concerns

   :The Ontology of the Life-World  :The Anthropology of Common Man

  Concluding Remark

  Instead of a Conclusion

    :A Last Note