Encounter with American Scholarship: Social Scientists

  Encounter with American Scholarship: Philosophers

  Encounter Missed


Chapter 26 Encounter with American Scholarship: Social Scientists

    Introductory Remark


       A: American Social Scientists within Schutz's Reach

The Pionner Generation of American Sociology

   :William Graham Summer  Thorstein Veblen  :William I. Thomas

   :Robert E. Park

  Charles Horton Cooley

   :Schutz and Cooley  :Critique of Cooley: The Primary Group

   :Intermediary Remark  Social Self   Vantage Point

   :Human Nature   Limited Recognition of Cooley

  George Harbert Mead

   :Philosopher and Social Psychologist   Schutz and Mead

   :Mead's 'Social Behaviorism'  :The Social Self

   :Sign and Communicaton   :The Manipulative Sphere

    Mead and Schutz

  Symbolic Interaction Theories

   :Ellsworth and Herbert Blumer   :Tamotsu Shibutani

   :Other Symboloic Inteactionists

   American Sociologists on Schutz's Horizon

   :The Columbia Group  :Marginal Contacts   Lewis A. Coser

   :Robert MacIver

  Mid-Western Sociologists

   :Howard Becker   John C. McKinney   :Edward Shils

  Harvard Social Psychology and Sociology

   :Gordon W. Allport   Robert Merton

  Richard H. Williams

   :Williams and the Sociology of Suffering

   :Schutz's Reaction and the Second Paper by Williams



Chapter 27 Encounter with American Scholarship: Philosophers

    Introductory Remark


      A: American Philosophers in Schutz's Ambit

  Makers of the Pragmatic Tradition

  Phenomenology, Schutz, and James

   :Phenomenological Tendencies   :Stream of Consciousness

   :Language and Sociology of Knowledge

    Intersubjectivity and Action    Multiple Realities

  Theory of Action

   :John Dewey   :Schutz and the Common-Sense Pragmatism of Dewey

   :Deliberation, Project, and Action    Notes on Dewey's Logic

  Three Anglo-Saxon Philsophers

   :Charles S. Peirce   Alfred N. Whitehead    George Santayana

  Intermediate Remark

   :Consociate Philosophers

   :The Circle around Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

   :Curt J. Ducasse   :M. Mandelbaum    :V.Jerauld McGill

   :Richard McKeon   :Susanne Langer

  Dorion Cairns

   :A Student of Husserl     :Schutz and Cairns


   B: Maurice Natanson: Student into Collaborator and Friend

   :Introductory Remark

  A Philosophical Carrer with Obstacles

   :Maurice Natanson     :Natanson's Publications

   :Perspective on Mead: Unwanted

  Schutz and Natanson

   :A Lasting Relationship    :Conversion of a Relationship

   :Scholarly Services   :Personal Meetings

   :Translator-Collaborator    Editor-Collaborator

  Theoretical Exchanges

   :Ideal Type  :Sartre's Frustrated Intersubjectivity and the Life-World

Peirce and Mead      History as Finite Province of Meaning

Being-In-Reality       Intersubjectivity   Thomas Wolfe's Rhetoric

On Death        Philosophy and the Sciences

On Occasion of the Symbol Paper        Appresentation

The World taken for Granted        Transcendence

Concluding Remark

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Chapter 28 Missed Encounters

    Introductory Remark

  An "Essential Phenomenology" of Human Relations

   :Hermann Schmalenbach

  Two Weberian Fellow Sociologists

   :Carl Meyer    Paul Honigsheim

  A Social-Psychology of Misunderstanding

   :Gustav Ichheiser   Misunderstanding Others  Ichheiser's Social

   :Psychology  :Toward a Typology of Personality Misinterpretation

   :The interactive Perspective   Ichheiser and Schutz

  An Existential Sociology

   :Friedrich Baerwald: A Catholic Social Theorist

   :Phenomenological-Existential Sociology  :Not Much Resonance

   :The Significance of Baerwald's Thinking for the Work of Schutz

   :Schutz and Waerwald

  Gestalt Psychology at its Best

   :Mary Henle  :The Scale of Gestalt-Psychological Investigations

   :Amenability  Mutual Unawareness: barriers between Disciplines

7   :Schutz and Gestalt Theory  :Theoretical Trends in Henle's Work

    Intellectual Scope and Theoretical Trend in Henle's Work

   :Human Freedom and Spinoza :Motivation, Emotion, and Rationality

    :Motivation, Subjectivity, and Interaction :Toward Phenomenology

    :The Phenomenology of the Self

Concluding Remark