[PART THREE - III. Old World Community

  European Contemporaries and Consociates: Social Scientist and Psychologists

  European Contemporaries and Consociates: Philosophers

  Philosopher-Friend: Kaufmann--Spiegelberg--Kuhn

  Friend in Philosophical Adversity: Eric Voegelin

  Philosophical Convergence: Aron Gurwitsch and Alfred Schutz


Chapter 21 European Contemporaries and Consociates: Social Scientists and Psychologists

  Introductory Remark

  Scholarship in Exile

   :An Intellectual-Cultural Minority    :German Accent

   :Accent on German


       A: Economists of the Viennese School

  Von Mises and his Students

   :Ludwig von Mises   :F. A. von Hayek

   :The Mont Pelerin Society  :Walter Froehlich

   :Goottfried Haberler  Other Members of the Old Viennese Circles

  Fritz Machlup (25)

   :An Enduring Relationship   :Scholarly Contacts

   :Reciprocal Influences

   :Social Science Methodology: Exchanges in the Forties)

   :Social Science Methodology: The Fifties


       B: German Economists of the Liberal-Socialist Tradition

  Adolph Lowe

Political Liberalism: Economic Socialism  Lowe and Schutz

Lowe's Difficulties with Schutz's Methodological Thinking

Lowe's Counter-Response


      C: A German Political Scientist

    Arnold Brecht

     Brecht   :Brecht and Schutz  Brecht's Theory of Scientific Method

    Schutz and Brecht   :Brecht and Husserl


     D: Sociologists of Central-European Background

  Three Sociologists and Three Kinds of Relations

     Goetz Briefs   :Carl Mayer  :Albert Salomon

  Other References and Accidental Contacts

  Kurt H.Wolff

     A Sociologist of Knowledge    :Surrender and Catch

     History and Sociology of Knowledge


     E: Central-European Psychologists

   Kurt Goldstein   Erwin W. Straus    :Jean Piaget

  Gestalt Psychology  :Sigmunt Freud

Concluding Remark



Chapter 22 European Contemporaries and Consociates: Philosophers

  Introductory Remark

  German Philosophers

   :Ernst Cassier    :Nicolai Hartman    Karl Jaspers

  Early Students of Husserl

   :Reinach and his Friends  Fritz Kaufmann  :Roman Ingarden

  An Intermediary Figure

   :Martin Heidegger   :Schutz and Heidegger

  Students of Students

   :Karl Loewith

  Late Students of Husserl

   :Ludwig Landgrebe  :Eugen Fink

  Additional Note: Schutz and Husserl's Family

  The Louvain Generation

   :Walter Biemel   Rudolf Boehm

  Leo Strauss

   :Strauss   Political Philosophy  :In the Light of Schutz's Position

A Note on Strauss

  Hans Jonas

   :Jonas     :The Span of Jonas's Philosophical Interests

   :Two Fields of Concentration     Gnosticism and Nihilism

   :Philosophical Contacts

  Other Central-European Contacts

   :Herbert Marcuse   Hans-Georg Gadamer    :Werner Marx

  French Thinkers

   :Louis Rougier    :Raymond Aron   :Jacques Maritain

   :Maurice Merleau-Ponty   Jean Wahl   Gaston Berger

   :Mikel Dufrenne    The Old Guard     :Paul Ricoeur

  Latin-European-American Thinkers

   :The Challenge of Ortega    :Luis Recasens Siches

  Other European Philosophers

   :A Polish Phenomenologist    A Dutch Philosopher



Chapter 23 Philosopher-Friends: Kaufmann--Spiegelberg--Kuhn

  Introductory Remark

  Felix Kaufmann

   :Schutz-Kaufmann Correspondense    Scholarly References

   :Kaufmann's Methodology    :Elements of a First Exchange

   :Limited Support     :Kaufmann on "The Stranger"

   :A Second Exchange     The Place of Methodology

   :Kaufmann and Dewey    :Continuing Tributes to Kaufmann

  Herbert Spiegelberg

   :Spiegelberg     :Schutz and Spiegelberg

   :The Husserl Reader: A Frustrated Project   :Mutual Awareness

   :Comments by Spiegelberg     Equality and Philosophy

   :Intermediate Remark: A Comment after Thirty-Five Years

   :Discussion on Schutz's Royaumont Paper   :Facing Spiegelberg

   :Facing Schutz

   Helmut Kuhn

   :Kuhn    :Exile and Return   :Kuhn's American Publication

   :Kuhn and Schutz      :Schutz Faces Kuhn's Writings

   :Kuhn Faces Schutz's Writings    :Encounter with Nothingness

   :Kuhn and Husserl



Chapter 24 Friend in Philosophical Adversity: Eric Voegelin

  Introductory Remark

  Voegelin and Schutz

   :Voegelin's Work in the United States    :Personal Relations

   :Shareing the Growth of a Major Work    :Exchange of Writings


   :Philosophical Dialogue: Divergences and Convergences

   :Topics of Discussion

   :Multiple Realities and the World of Daily Life

  Four Central Issues

   :Anamnesis and the Theory of Consciousness

    Sentiments and Rationality   :A General Theory of Relevance

   :he Possibility of Intersubjectivity   :Metaphysical Orientations

  The Issue of Gnosticism

   :About a New Science of politics  Representation and Existence

   :Representation and Truth    :Truth and Transcendence

   :Political Theory of Gnosticism   :Gnostic Historicism

   :Gnosticism: Heresy and Beyond   The Conception of Gnosticism

   :Gnosticism and the End of Modernity    Christian Foundations

   :Beyond the New Science

  A Fundamental Controversy

   :Husserl the Gnostic    Discussion of Husserl's Krisis

   :Husserl and Descartes



Chapter 25 Philosophical Convergence: Aron Gurwitsch and Alfred Schutz

    Introductory Remark (1)  Dual Anchorage(1) Technical Note (4)


   A: Friend and Philosophers: Dimensions of a Personal Relationship (4)

   :Gurwitsch in the United States  :The Correspondence

   :The Exposition of a Relationship

  Personal Contacts and Concerns

   :Mutual Aid   :Personal Concerns    Concerns for Other


   :Personal Meetings   Personal Ties and Intellectual Closeness (25)

  Scholarly Cooperation

   :Information on Literature and on Obtaining Books

   :Scholarly Meetings    :Exchange of Manuscripts and Reprints

   :Technical Assistance  :Respect for Each Other's Work

   :Promotion and Mediation    Encouragement and Suggestions

   :Suggestion of a Joint Literary Undertaking

  Toward Philosophical Consent

   :Controversy    :Le Trefonds    :The Tunnel


   B: Philosophers and Friends: Thinking-apart and Philosophizing-together

   :Characterization of the Exchanges

  Unfinished Issues and Secondary Concerns

   :Missing Reports or Unstaged Discussions   The Postponements

   :Truncated Discussions    Consociated Thinkers in Focus

  Philosophical-Theoretical Exchanges

   :The Correlation Conception of Consciousness  :Schutz's Comments

   :Non-Egological Phenomenology  :James' Theory of Fringes

   :James in the Light of Phenomenology    James' Transitive Parts

   :"The Stranger" as Formal Sociology   :Multiple Realities

   :Sartre's Alter Ego

   :Color-Names and Given Linguistic Classifications

   :Negative Statements and Logic   :Choosing Projects of Action

   :The Princeton Paper    :On Husserl's Idea II

   :The Eidos of History     The Brussels Paper

   :Concept and Theory Formation    Ontology

    Husserl's Krisis    :Signs and Symbols

   :Conceptual Consciousness    :The Berlin Paper

   The Field of Consciousness

   :Schutz and Gurwitsch's Major Work    :The Introduction

   :The Third Part   The Fourth Part   The Fifth Part

   :The Sixth Part  The Conclusion   Final Note

  Conclusion of Chapter 25

    Concluding Remark