[PART TWO]                       [revised Mid-June, 1985]

Chapter 7 Reorientation and Redirection: The Phase of Crystallization

  The Friend as Challenger

   :Felix Kaufmann  :Kaufmann and Schutz

  Focus on Husserl

   :Disappointment and Rejection    :The Turn toward Husserl (11)

  Work of the Inter-Period

   :Lectures at the Mises Seminar

   :Pragmatic Conduct and Sociological Knowledge

   :Formations and Relations

   :Law in Social Sciences and Understanding

   :Selected Complementary Problems    :An Over-All Survey

  Transitional Lectures

   :Economists as Social Scientists  :A Fragment on Social Sciences

   :Guidelines on Understanding and Action

   :A Lecture on Understanding and Action  An Exploration of the Joke

   :The Teiresias Motif



Chapter 8 Execution and Realization: Open Project into Defining Study

  From a Tentative to a Definite Structure

   :Comparison of Two Outlines: Individual Aspects of Consciousness

   :Comparison of Two Outlines: Social Relations  A General Appraisal

  Foundations of an Intellectual Edifice

   :Weberian Substance   :Philosophical Substratum

   :The Bergson-Husserl Contribution   :The Weber-Husserl Connection

  Husserl Foundations

   :The Sources  Note on Terminology   Logic and Time

   :Subjective Time Experience and Objective Time Conception  :Idea I

   :Formal and Transcendental Logic and the Cartesian Meditations

  Husserlian Supports

   :Phenomenological Psychology    Topics and Presuppositions(30)

   :Basic Points   :Meaning and Action  :Intersubjectivity

   :Understanding-Communication-Signs    :Science

  Writing and Publication

   :A Book   :A Book Dictated    Encourage and Help

   :Schutz and Kaufmann

  A Japanese Friend

   :Tomoo Otaka    :Early Japanese Phenomenology

   :Otaka: The Scholar   :Schutz and Otaka

  Additional Note



Chapter 9 Scholarship and Pressure

  Schutz and Husserl: A Personal Relationship

   :Responses to Schutz's Book   Husserl and Schutz: An Encounter

   :A Philosophical and Personal Relationship

   :A Rudimentary Correspondence :Schutz and Phenomenology

  Between Methodology and Phenomenology

   :A Precarious Scholarly Relationship  :Scholarly Gains

   :Kaufmann's Methodology :Pre-Phenomenological Theory of Science?

   :Weber's and Kaufmann's Theories of Meaning

   :The Concept of Ideal Type  Kaufmann's Consideration of Schutz

  Schutz and Machlup

   :Fritz Machlup  :Trust and Confidences  Scholarly Contacts

  Mounting Pressures

   :Despair  Social Science: Incompetence and Capitulation

   :Ambulant Business Activities

  Scholarship in Adversity

   :Minor Publications  :Unfinished Attempts

  The Hayek Manuscript

   :Levels of Political Economy

    The 'Data' of Everyday Life and of Political Economy

   :Objective and Subjective Method  Thought Models and Ideal Types

   :The Apriority of Economic Theory

   :The Marginal Principle and the Economic Equilibrium



Chapter 10 Continuation of a Major Scholarly Effort

  The Problems of Personality in the Social World

   :The Manuscript of 1936 and 1937   :Combined Representation

   :The Planned Scope of the Study    The Substantive Exposition

   :The Introduction

  Broadening of the Philosophical Basis

    Focus on Kierlegaard  :Focus on Leibniz

  Partial Personalities and the Unity of the Person

   :The Basic Problem of Social Personalities

    Aspects of Discontinuity  :Social Roles and Social Personalities

   :The Ego as Center of the Social World and his Attitudes

   :Partial Personalities and the 'Schizophrenic' Ego

   :The Unity of Self as Problem Phenomenological Psychology

   :The General Thesis of the Ego himself (Ego Ipse)

   :The Unity of the Body   :Temporality

   :The Possibility of the Unitary Ego

  The Temporal-Spatial Structures of the Ego and the Working World

   :The Social Person   The Time Perspectives of the Ego

   :Access to the Working World

   :The Expansion of the Reality of Working World

   :The Quasi-Spatial Dimensions of Personality in the Working World

   :The Working World: The Life-World

  Other Realms of Meaning

   :World Modified

    The Theoretical World of Contemplative Reflection

  The Social Dimension

  The Topic of Intersubjectivity  :The Methodological Focus

   :The Project of 1936-1937



Chapter 11 Dislocation

         A: Parisian Exile

  Downhill Course

  :The End of Austrian Democracy   :Exodus of Liberal Intellectuals

   :Toward the End of Intellectual Freedom   End of the Circles

  Fifteen Months in Paris

   :Transfer to Paris    Hectic Months

    Political Outlook: Hopeless

  Intellectual Life Suspended

   :Scholarship at Rock Bottom  :The Rift with Kaufmann

  Encounter with Gurwitsch

   :Aron Gurwitsch (1901-1973)   :Gurwitsch's Theme

   :Gurwitsch's Approach to the Ego

   :Schutz and Gurwitsch: First Contact--First Encounter

  Footnote to Chap 11, Part A


      B: In Search of a New Country

  The Fate of a Business Enterprise as Personal Fate

   :Skanning the Field   Exploring the New Continent

   :Contingency Preparations   Temporal Transfer?

   :Between Two Continents

  Footnotes to Chap 11, Part B

  Conclusion to Part Two

  [以下:挿入箇所不明: however must be a part of Chap.11.]

  Contacts with French Intellectuals

  Louis Rougier

   :Rougier  :Rougier and Schutz   Intermediary Remark

  Raymond Aron

   :Aron's Intellectual Life and Work   Knowledge and Self

   :Knowledge of Others  Actor and Scientific Observer

   :Knowledge of Self and Others  :Unfinished Exposition

   :Toward the Societal Level  Schutz and Aron