Alfred Schutz: An Intellectual Biography (Revised, Enlarged and Unpublished Edition)

Helmut R. Wagner

(Compiled by Hisashi Nasu)


Chapter 1 Growth and Early Maturity
Chapter 2 Social Background and Interpersonal Influences
Chapter 3 Exposure to the Social Sciences
Chapter 4 A From Student to Scholar [HRW COPY (2/8/86)]
Chapter 5 Problem Formation and Project Design: The Experimental Phase
Chapter 6 A Execution in Tangential Direction: The Bergson Phase
Chapter 6 B Execution on an Insufficient Basis: The Bergson Phase

[PART TWO]                     [revised Mid-June, 1985]
Chapter 7 Reorientation and Redirection: The Phase of Crystallization
Chapter 8 Execution and Realization: Open Project into Defining Study
Chapter 9 Scholarship and Pressure
Chapter 10 Continuation of a Major Scholarly Effort
Chapter 11 Dislocation

Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Difficulty of Scholarly Integration: Encounter with Parsons
Chapter 14 Scholarly Acceptance: Successful Collaboration in Philosophical Endeavor
Chapter 15 Fundamental Continuities: The European Heritage in the American Setting
Chapter 16 Fundamental Continuities: Bergsonian Support
Chapter 17 Fundamental Continuities: Husserlian Anchorage
Chapter 18 Schutz and Husserl: Delimitation and Critique
Chapter 19 The Problem of Intersubjectivity
Chapter 20 A Personal and Philosopjhical Relationship

[PART THREE - III. Old World Community
Chapter 21 European Contemporaries and Consociates: Social Scientists and Psychologists
Chapter 22 European Contemporaries and Consociates: Philosophers
Chapter 23 Philosopher-Friends: Kaufmann--Spiegelberg--Kuhn
Chapter 24 Friend in Philosophical Adversity: Eric Voegelin
Chapter 25 Philosophical Convergence: Aron Gurwitsch and Alfred Schutz

Chapter 26 Encounter with American Scholarship: Social Scientists
Chapter 27 Encounter with American Scholarship: Philosophers
Chapter 28 Missed Encounters
Chapter 29 Academic Involvement
Chapter 30 Participatory Scholarship
Chapter 32 Unexecuted and Delegated Projects
Chapter 33 The Last Year: Last Cause--Last Turn--Last Illness

Chapter 34 Alfred Schutz: Philosopher and Man
Chapter 35 Multiple Commitment
Chapter 36 Life-Plan Transcend
Chapter 37 Schutz's Evolving Contribution
Chapter 38 Outlook